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How To Hide The Plastic Bird Seed Bag

How To Hide A Birdseed Bag, Green Painted Door, Log Home, Rustic Decor

Feeding the birds is something I haven’t done in years. I used to keep a feeder full all winter long but quit when we built the cabin. I didn’t have a spot to hang one from that was close enough for me to watch them and I didn’t want to place one hanging from our porch for fear of attracting mice. I certainly don’t want mice finding their way into our home.

Bird Feeder

I still don’t have a close spot for the feeder but I decided maybe watching the birds would bring me some enjoyment again so I picked up a big bag of bird seed. I’ve had the bag propped up on the floor by the door for a while now but recently I decided it sure didn’t look very good so I decided to find a way to disguise it.

I really wanted to add the seed to a small galvanized trash can with a lid, one just big enough for a 20 pound bag of feed and a scoop but since I didn’t have one and wasn’t about to go out looking for one I opted for plan B. And by plan B I mean find something I already have hanging around the cabin and make it work.

How To Hide A Birdseed Bag, Green Painted Door, Log Home, Rustic Decor

Just happens to be I had this canvas bag hanging on the back of the guest bedroom door and it was the perfect fit for a big old bag of birdseed. I couldn’t have been easier. I plopped the plastic bag of seed down inside of it and now no one is the wiser of it’s contents. It look pretty cute hanging from the banister. All I have to do is grab the bag and head out the door to fill the feeder.

Bird Feeder

I do know now that I’ve started feeding the birds I’m committed all winter long. Once they find a place to feed they will come back and bring friends so it’s important to keep it full. It’s not in the most ideal location but I’ll continue to keep it full and take the time to admire my feathered friends throughout each day.

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