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How To Make a Mason Jar Soap Dispenser Without Glue

How to Make a Mason Jar Soap Dispenser Without Glue | CreativeCainCabin.comI know you’ve seen this all over Pinterest as well as from other bloggers, but I’ve found a way to make Mason Jar Soap Dispensers without having to use messy glue. I had store bought ones that were similar with zinc lids but over time the zinc would rust and actually adhere to the jar and there was no way of getting it off to refill with soap, so jar and all had to go into the trash. I’ve been using my hand soap in the kitchen with the plastic container that it came in, but I was tired of the ugly things so I grabbed my tools and invented my own. It was purely by accident because I had intended on using glue to hold the pump in place, but a magical moment happened and I had a perfect fit without using glue. I love it when that happens. 

How to Make a Mason Jar Soap Dispenser Without Glue | CreativeCainCabin.com• Gather your supplies: Mason jar, ring and lid, soap pump, soap, 1/2 butterfly bit, and drill.

• Put lid and ring on the jar, tightly. Drill off center (I find it’s easier to get your hand under the pump if it’s this way) through the metal lid. 

• If’ you have any sharp barbs remove them with a pair of wire cutters.

• Add a little soap to the pump (you will need it because it will be such a tight fit) and push the pump through the hole.

Now take into consideration all pumps may not be the same size so measure the diameter of the pump and use the correct butterfly bit for the job. I found the variety I purchase from Meijers is a tight fit using a 1/2″ bit, so tight you have to use force to get it through, hence the no need for glue. It stays in place and only takes a couple of minutes to create. I now have a pretty soap dispenser again. 

I keep hand soap in the green one and dish soap in the blue. Stop back later in the week and see them in my kitchen. 


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  1. Thank you for this! I would love to have my dish soap in a pump container. I just need to round up my drill. lol.

    1. Ann I have my own tool kit hidden from hubby so I have what I need when I need it, lol.

    1. Thank you Kris, is it getting muggy there this week?

  2. Hi Dawndie! Oh, you are truly the most clever one! I love this idea and looks pretty simple. I just may do this! Hope you’re having a good weekend.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

    1. Shelia I love that there was no messy glue involved.

  3. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    Great job Dawn..I would also like to have one with dish soap so this would be awesome..I do have tools of my own but not a drill yet..I have small hands so I try to find tools that are comfortable for me to hold..like I have a Mouse brand sander…Your DeWalt drill looks like it might be a good fit for me..I will look it up and then go to the store and try it out if they have one on display..then I can get my own butterfly bits…Thanks!

    1. Nancy that drill is really small and powerful, it fits a womans hands perfectly and I don’t get tired holding the thing up.

      1. Nancy Blue Moon says:

        Sounds perfect for me Dawn!

        1. Nancy I think Hubby purchased mine at Lowes.

  4. I love the coloured mason jars. This is a little project I can use my power tools on. I’ve had so much fun using them on various projects this summer. I just saved a couple of pumps from hand cream containers so they will do the job perfectly. What cute gifts these would make too with a knit or crochet wash cloth or dish cloth.

    1. Linda I agree they would make great gifts for Christmas or housewarming gifs, and so easy to make.

  5. Cheryl Major says:

    Your soap dispensers are so pretty. I will for sure be making some for myself and as gifts. Thanks for the tips !

    1. Cheryl they will make great gifts for sure. I wish I had someone to gift some too I would be making more for sure.

  6. Adorable idea……will have to make one for myself. Have a good week.

    1. Debbie they are so fast and easy and make great gifts.

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