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How to Make Landscape Fabric Anchor Pins

How to Make Landscape & Soaker Hose Pins | CreativeCainCabin.comI made my own landscape fabric pins to hold my soaker hose down in the soil of my raised garden beds. When I purchased the soaker hose I had no idea they had no weight and didn’t stay where I put them so I had to get creative without returning to the farm supply store. 

How to Make Landscape Pins for a Soaker Hose Using a Wire Coat Hanger | DIY Tutorial on How to | CreativeCainCabin.comMy son wears uniforms to work and every week he brings home 11 new wire hangers. And it’s a good thing he does I had just the use for them. Make landscape fabric anchors for my soaker hose. 

How to Make Landscape Pins for a Soaker Hose Using a Wire Coat Hanger | DIY Tutorial on How to | CreativeCainCabin.comI’m not sure what I was thinking when I knew I was planning on making twists and turns with the hose, but the wire hangers worked perfect, all I did was cut the curved bottom section out of both sides of the hanger and it makes perfect pins. No bending or forming required. 

How to Make Landscape Pins for a Soaker Hose Using a Wire Coat Hanger | DIY Tutorial on How to | CreativeCainCabin.comNow my soaker hose is staying right where it’s supposed to, and I didn’t have to make a run to town again for anchor pins. I love it when I have a brilliant idea that works out. 


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    1. Shirley, I’m picking spinach every day now and broccoli, so it’s coming along nicely!

  1. I did this a few years ago when I installed my soaker hose. I think I used old stakes I found in my garage…hangers are a great idea too! Wish I had some raised beds. 🙂

    1. Ann I love my raised beds, no weeding and I can keep everything contained in one neat spot. Hubby built mine a few years ago, and I move them from time to time and add fresh soil but I don’t think I’d go back to in the ground method again.

  2. This is great, I will give it a try. I just use large stones to hold my soaker hoses in place if they are disobedient. Once they heat up they are more compliant but still have to use stone here and there. After 10 years I am finally having to replace all my soaker hoses in my flower beds. Finding them beneath all the growth is a chore but being they were not exposed to the sun they lasted much longer than expected.
    I hope you eased your deer problem too. I had to use those sprinkler that come on when they walk within view of it, they are called Scarecrows (I think), they did a good job for me keeping those garden eating rascals at bay.

    1. Pam I was planning on taking mine hoses up every year, hadn’t thought of leaving them in the garden. So far no deer, must be they can’t figure out the fishing line 🙂

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