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How To Organize & Store Garden Seeds Using A Photo Storage Box

How to organize and store garden seeds using a photo storage box

This is going to be a short post today. I just wanted to share with you this brilliant way of storing all those garden seed packets using a photo storage box.

I found this one on Amazon and I now have my box of unruly seeds under control.  I had no idea that I had so many.  I went through and checked the date on the seeds and will try germinating the old stuff with a heavy seed planting and also leave room to plant the new seeds that I know are good.

How to organize and store garden seeds using a photo storage box

I don’t want any to go to waste if they still have the energy to pop their little stems from the soil. I’m trying a few seed experiments this year. I’ve planted the flower seeds you see in the photo just yesterday. The seeds are from the Dollar Store, 4 packs for a dollar, so I’m anxious to see if they sprout. The price was right and if they actually yield that will be a huge bonus.

As you can see the way I stored my seeds before I found the photo box was to just chuck them all in a box. Now that I have them all organized the problem with overbuying or buying something I already have shouldn’t happen.  Just to give you an idea of how I organized the box.  

  1. The vegetable seeds are alphabetized
  2. I keep all same seed types in the same container, I don’t separate according to variety. For instance all tomato seeds are in one container and all squash are in another together.
  3. I keep the flower seeds in their own container. I don’t have enough to do it any other way.
  4. I’ll pop the entire container into the freezer to keep the seeds viable. 
How to organize and store garden seeds using a photo storage box

Im really amazed that everything I have crammed into the box fit into one photo storage box all neat and tidy. I know it does’t seem like that big of a deal but it sure helps when the time come to order new seeds for the season.

How to Organize and Store Garden Seeds With a Photo Storage Box

Here is a link to the photo box I purchase: PHOTO BOX SEED STORAGE CONTAINER.

BTW, I’ll be back to report on those Dollar Store seeds 🙂 And if you’ve tried them, did they germinate?

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  1. I’ve had good luck with $ Gen alyssum seeds. May try some others this year.

  2. Everything I buy at the Dollar Tree has bloomed!!

    1. Lisa that’s so good to know. The flower seeds I’ve tried have also. What a great bargain.

  3. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    Dawn I have found that the regular Dollar Tree seeds in packets do well but those ones in the boxes are not good at all..my neighbor who grows lots of flowers has told me the same..a few flowers from them and lots of weeds..I hope you have better luck with them.. I would love to know if you do!!

    1. Nancy, Same here I dont think a single seed germinated from the boxed flowers. Good to know it wasn’t just me. I’ll have to remember not to purchase them again.

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