How to Save Money on Movie and Phone Cards

How to Save Money on Movie and Phone Cards | Cut Your Monthly Bills | CreativeCainCabin.comThis post is a follow up to “3 THINGS YOU’RE OVERSPENDING ON….WHAT I CHANGED TO SAVE THOUSANDS A YEAR” Since writing that I’ve discovered a way to save a tiny bit more on my Prepaid Phone and my Netflix account….I have no idea why this didn’t occur to me sooner, but the light finally came on and I’m going with it:

I normally just have the monthly Verizon and Netflix cost billed to my debit card, which is fine but there’s no extra savings that way. What I’m doing now is purchasing all my cards, even restaurant and gift cards from a location that gives me cash back for spending. For me I can get $10 off any gift card purchases over $50 at my local grocery store or Staples where they give you points that add up to cash to be spent in the store. I have to spend the same amount for these services whether I pay directly with my debit card or whether I purchase them from a money back offer within a department store. Of course the choice for me is to save those few extra dollars and purchase my cards while I’m already in town doing my grocery shopping.

I do have to plan ahead with everything I’ll need for the month but for me it’s worth the small amount of time it takes to be organized to save a few bucks.  I still pay by the same method I just get cash back for doing it. I love it when a lightbulb moment happens. I know I’m not the first to discover this, but I did want to pass it along to everyone out there who’s also looking for ways to save a dollar.


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    1. Shirley, thanks for dropping in and have a great weekend too 🙂

  1. I have some of my monthly bills sent to my credit card, which earns me money back. I don’t carry a balance but pay it off each month with the money set aside in my bank account. I also put my purchases on the same credit card, no matter how small. That way I know how much I spend each month and pay it when the bill comes in. I rarely use cash anymore but always have just a bit in my wallet for places like farmers markets, road side veggie stands and small private business that can’t absorb the cost of a credit card transaction. Like you said, it is worth doing these small things to make a bit of extra money.

    1. Linda I do the same I never carry a balance on my cards and always use my card. I seldom have cash either and noticed there was a new 20 dollar bill out that I had never seen.

  2. Dawn, you are so clever, girl! Do you mind me asking which stores give you cash back for spending? The only store that I shop at that gives that kind of deal is our CVS pharmacy. I may have to investigate this more!

    1. Our local grocery store which is Family Fare and if I don’t go there I always use Best Buy they have a huge selection of cards.

  3. We can get credit towards gasoline cost when we buy at our grocery store. It’s often 2x or 4x the points for gift cards. I always think of this when it’s gift giving time but need to pay more attention on a daily basis. Keep the good ideas coming. 🙂

    1. Stacey they do that here too if you spend $75 you get 50 cents a gallon off for gas. I try to use my credit card points to buy graduation gift cards every year too so all the gifts are free.

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