How I Organize The Fridge & Keep It That Way

How to Organize a Refrigerator and Keep It That Way I want to share with you today my method for keeping a fridge organized, neat and tidy. I don’t know about you but I can’t stand going to the grocery store, coming home, and then cramming everything into the fridge pushing the old to the back. That seems to be the method my hubby likes to use. He always shops with me, carries everything inside, and then I rush to the fridge to take care of things. I’ve got to get there before he does! 

I always put the cold items away first, then the boxed and can goods into the pantry, then I wash and prepare all the fruits and veggies for the week. I put everything into storage bags and have each bag designated for a dinner that week. Meal prep is so much faster when I have a well organized fridge, with food prep done ahead of time. If I have fruit that doesn’t happen to get eaten I slice it all, flash freeze it, and bag it to use in my morning smoothies. It only takes about an hour once a week and it’s SO worth it. 

Next I head down to the freezer and pull all the meat we’ll need and get it thawing in a refrigerator bin. To me an organized refrigerator is pretty to look at. It’s also a good time to look over the dates on any jar items. If they’re outdated give them a toss and add that item to the grocery list for next week (you can find my printable grocery list notepad here.) Maybe I’m strange, but who want’s to open up the fridge and find stuff rotting, stinking and disheveled looking? 

How to Organize a Refrigerator and Keep It That Way With One 6pc SetYou can see the before and after photo here. See what a huge difference 6 storage bins can make? And here’s another tip, it makes for easier cleaning. If there’s any spills it happens in the clear bin which can be put in the dishwasher to be cleaned up. It really keeps the inside much cleaner. It’s amazing how much dust and dirt are on store bought things that we don’t even realize. 

I did it all with this 6pc Refrigerator & Freezer Stackable Storage Organizer Bins with Handles

What to Put Where When Organizing a Refrigerator What’s in the bins and drawers:

  • A – I use this bin for all the meat I’ll cook during the week. I remove it from the freezer and let it thaw in the fridge.
  • B – Cut, chopped, and prepped vegetables to be used for meals during the week. 
  • C – Cheese and nuts
  • 1 – Soda (Bin)
  • 2 – Egg (Bin)
  • 3 – Washed hand held fruit for snacks (Bin)
  • 4 – Cut up vegetables for snacks, my family knows the veggies in the drawer are designated for meals (Bin)
  • 5 – Overflow containers that don’t fit in the door (Bin)
  • 6 – Yogurt (Bin)

Weekly Meal Planner, FREE to Download and Print


I find using my meal planner is not only a good idea for knowing what you’ll need to prepare on a given day, it also keeps me from overbuying things I can’t get used up during the week. We have our own meat supply in the freezer so I normally just shop for fresh fruits, veggies, breads, cheese, and any staple items that’s needed to complete a meal. 

So for instance if we’re having fresh green beans with a meal I only buy a portion for each person eating dinner at our home that night. It avoids overspending and also wasting food. My son takes his lunch with him to work everyday so if it’s something he can take with him I’ll make an extra portion of dinner and pack it in his lunch thermos the next day or I’ll have it for lunch so it’s used up. 

Keeping a neat and organized refrigerator helps with keeping things fresh and not overlooked at the back of the fridge. No one want’s a science project growing in there. 

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  1. Good tips! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Michelle you are welcome. I love to organize things and keep them that way. My pantry is the hardest part for me.

  2. Theresa- Ohio says:

    Great idea for putting thawing meat in a bin. I was always worried it would contaminate the other food in the frig if it drips, so I am going to start doing that.
    I also use the clear shoe box bins that you can buy at most any store. I bought them before I found the ones made for the refrigerator. I still use some of them.

    1. Theresa I also at the end of the week run the bin through the dishwasher in case any blood puddled in the bottom while things were defrosting. The shoe bins are a great idea 🙂

    2. I use the shoe bins also. They are crazy inexpensive – sometimes 5 for $5 – and the actual refrigerator bins are heavier, but really pricey. I also love an organized ‘fridge. My sister has made fun of me my entire adult life because I have an organized (and always clean) ‘fridge – and because I come home and prep fresh vegetables so they can be eaten raw out of hand and/or quickly used at mealtime. I live alone but cook for myself and for the freezer, so organization is still necessary, whether I have a family at home or just me.

      1. Pat, I would drive myself nuts if I wasn’t organized. I think it was a learned behavior from my mom she’s very organized too.

  3. Kathleen G says:

    Good ideas! I drive my family nuts. I’m always going through the fridge, cleaning and getting rid of, which I think, old food. Leftovers are for lunch or the freezer.
    Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen I try and make only what we can eat in a few meals, I so hate throwing food away, it cost so much. But I don’t like to keep outdated things, that’s for sure.

  4. are organized…I like it!! Hubby puts things any old way and it drives me When my Dad was alive he was totally blind and lived alone so I organized his frig the same as ours so if he ask where something was I could tell him as he found things by feel. I had to keep reminding hubby not to move things!!

    1. Jeanie, Aw what a great plan for your day. You’re brilliant!

  5. Hi Dawn, great organization ideas in the refrigerator. I would like to ask one question regarding the refrigerator, it appears to be a shiny stainless steel, just like mine. I was wondering what product you use to clean the stainless steel, and any tricks you have learned along the way for making it look so good. Thanks, Denise

  6. Is there a direct link for the grocery list? Each time i click on the link I am directed to:

    You are here: Home / Farmhouse Style / Farmhouse Mason Jar Notepad Printable

    Am i missing something there? thanks!

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