I See Green and Red

 While shopping at Menards yesterday I couldn’t resist buying
my heirloom tomato seeds.  I get mine started early by planting them indoors
about 8 weeks before they can go directly into the ground.
I was very excited when I came home and found my
Lemon Balm, Peppermint, and Oregano starting to show signs of green.
I hope that means Spring is near.
 Now I have about 3 weeks before I can start sprouting the tomato seeds.
 I sure hope I can hold off that long.

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  1. I hope it means Spring is near too. I’m getting very anxious!

  2. I have been planting all week. We are going to be 90 today. Crazy. I just love seed packets don’t you? I love to look at them and keep them out to see.

  3. Dawn,
    Ohhhhh hope your little seedlings are right and Spring will “spring” soon. I am getting excited to see some spring like weather soon.

  4. I spent a good deal of time yesterday, preparing my planting boxes. I am so excited to plant!!!!
    I am going to try some heirloom maters this year too!!

  5. Exciting garden times Dawn. I just turned over my compost pile which I use for flower gardening only. Once Joe retires we shall grow vegetable though. I really look forward to that.

  6. I missed the growing season already. But maybe next year, because I hope to get to the backyard this year. It’s already hot.

    I was waiting at the dentist office this morning for a teeth hygiene when I saw a Cabin magazine. Thought of you.

  7. We are looking at all our seed catalogs now and look forward to them coming in the mail. Can’t wait for planting. Susan @ throughmyporchwindow.blogspot.com

  8. Hubby and I were just talking tonight about getting our seeds started indoors. We have a spot in the kitchen for it and it gets a little crazy in there until we get the little plants outside. It’s all worth it though.

  9. Dawn, I keep saying that I’m going to start growing tomatoes from seed, but I haven’t done it yet. In South Carolina, we’d have to start our seeds in January. It was very warm here today, but we’re resisting the urge to plant our tomatoes. I did buy some flowers, though!

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