Ice Storm Photos and a Christmas Story

Corn Field With Ice and Snow

Christmas Eve day I decided I could no longer sit at home and listen to the generator run, cabin fever had set in and I had to do something so I grabbed my camera and drove around our villages dirt roads to see all the ice damage. The sun was shining and the sky was the brightest shade of blue I have ever seen, so I had to pull over and capture some shots. 


Snowy Country Road

How can such devastation be so beautiful? So many are without power, yet the ice glistening off the trees is magical. Several warming centers have opened up all around us, and many are full to capacity. I feel for the families that have had to leave their home over Christmas, we are very luck to have a generator even though it’s noisy.


Chickens in Winter

The critters just seem to carry on unaffected by the winter storm. I had to stop and have a chat with these chickens, they were out in the road and soon to be road kill if they didn’t get their tail feathers headed home. There’s no stopping on icy roads, and they would be finding themselves becoming dinner if they didn’t watch it.


Barn and Windmill in Winter

My hubby and oldest son have been working nonstop restoring power to people in need, coming home for just a few hours for some sleep and going right back at it, they are working for 20 hours and sleeping for 4. The power company can restore your power but if the main has been ripped off your house you are still out of lucky. The Christmas story this year was work as many hours as you can to restore power to as many people as you can. My oldest had the week off from work but chose to help those in need, he worked right along side his Dad, out in the freezing temperatures bringing hope and warmth to many families for Christmas. It makes me proud to see what a kind, compassionate kid, man he has turned out to be. Most wouldn’t give up their vacation to make a difference for someone else. 


Sheep in Winter

So as I sit at home keeping fuel in the generator my men are out working hard making homeowners joyous. I’m so thankful to have a hubby and son that are so good hearted and put the needs of others above themselves (it helps that they can fix anything too). So for us we didn’t have the traditional Christmas but it was very rewarding with many lessons learned. 


Icy Tree Branches

Now tell me how you spent your Christmas.








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  1. Kathleen G says:

    Dawn, you posted a few days ago about having no power, but have a generator. I live in Phoenix and have been enjoying the mild Christmas weather. I can’t even fathom what a ice storm is and have no power. I can understand how you feel about your husband and son going out in that icy weather helping your community restore electricity. God bless them. Keep warm and safe. Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen we have some type of bad weather every winter and normally tornadoes is the summer, most people have generators for this reason but it is really bad when the temps are so cold and people are in their homes with no heat. There have been several deaths form carbon monoxide poisoning from people heating with there oven on and the door open.

  2. The scenes are similar here … trees and shrubs bent over with the weight of the ice. The temperatures are to be rising overnight and for a couple of days so perhaps some melting will take place. There are still some around here without hydro, others got it back only to lose it again as more branches came down on the wires. Slowly and surely things are returning to normal. Hoping those in your area have hydro soon.

    1. Linda it looks like it will take forever to restore power to everyone. They get something fixed and then the winds pick up and bring more ice heavy branches down on another area. It seems like a never ending battle. I am so thankful we have been restored.

  3. Your husband and son are such compassionate guys! Your photos are beautiful, Dawn. It is indeed amazing how so much devastation can still be so beautiful. I was hoping to hear your power is back on….hopefully, very soon!


    1. Claudia we are back in business. Never thought I would be so glad to see power. My thoughts of going Amish may have changed. LOL

  4. Good Morning Dawn,
    I have been hearing the heart warming stories on the news about how people from all over chose to give up being with their own families for Christmas and come your way to help those in need. The stories are heartwarming. Your story of your hubby and son is truly a story of what Christmas is about. My favorite post of yours has been this one. May this bring us all into the new year and know in tragedies like your community has seen bring out the best in others. Wishing you better days ahead.

    1. Kris, what a sweet comment. My crew is still working hard, they did take Christmas day off and we went out for dinner. LOL but they were right back at it on Thursday. It looks like it will take quite some time to get everyone back up and running it sure hit Michigan hard.

  5. Ice storms are so devastating..even more so than snow. We have had a few in Massachusetts and they have certainly convinced us if were to ever live there full time we would need a generator.

    The photos are lovely. I especially like the barn!

    Stay warm and safe!

    1. Doreen yes a generator is a must. We have 3 and it took us 2 to get through the storm and a friend borrowed the other. I am so thankful we had them. It is beautiful outside, when you have power but when you don’t it doesn’t looks so good.

  6. Dawn, I don’t believe I have ever seen the sky such a brilliant blue color either! Thanks for bringing it to us through your photos! The thought of your husband and son helping so many people is heart warming. Please give them a big squeeze from this South Carolina gal! And I hope your power is restored soon for your sake!

    1. Jane than you for stopping by. We do have power now but it took us going through 2 generators before it was over. My hubby is dead tired but keeps pushing on, people need heat here desperately.

  7. Dawn
    Your photos are so beautiful. Too bad the ice cases such disaster!
    Hats off to your hubby and son. They are a blessing and really lived
    out the true meaning of Christmas of giving.

    1. Kim, Yes I am very proud of them both and they are still at it. So far were not seeing an end in sight, but on a good note we do have power now.

  8. Hi Dawn, I think your hubby and son are Christmas angels to those in need. We haven’t had an ice storm but several blizzards, tornadoes and hail storms plus flooding, so I always appreciate those who give so generously without anything but a thank you in return. Hope it warms up in your area!
    Hugs, Noreen

    1. Noreen we are getting warm temps this weekend about 35 so all the ice should melt. Sure hope another storm does’t decide to blow in any time soon.

  9. Hi Dawn…I am new to your blog, but am thoroughly enjoying catching up! Thankfully, here in PEI…we haven’t had electrical woes with the ice storms, but friends & families in our neighbour province New Brunswick have been without power since last Monday. I spoke to my sister last night & her power was off for 6 hours while they worked to restore homes that have been in the dark. Many have had to spend Christmas in warming shelters…it is reported the power hopes to be restored by New Year’s. Your husband and son are amazing for helping…I can see why you are so proud. Let’s hope we have seen the last of ice storms for this winter…we’ve had three major snow storms within a week….and another forecast for Sunday night into Monday.

    1. Charlotte we are supposed to warm up this weekend and all the ice will melt so I hope they get everyone restored in that length of time because next week it is going to be freezing cold again. It is amazing how long it is taking but there are thousands without. I hope the storms that are coming are not severe.

  10. I have a firefighter son so I understand the compassion that resides within your husband and son. Please thank them for me, even though I live far away, because I so appreciate their work. And that sky is unbelievably blue, wow.

    1. Barbara will do. It has been a long week but very rewarding 🙂

  11. Your photos are stunning, Dawn. I know what you mean about the ice being so pretty and yet devastating at the same time. We are happy to have our power back on but many in our area of Ontario, Canada are still without. The clean up of tree limbs is going to take a long time. You should be proud of your guys and the amazing thing they are doing. Crews are working around the clock here, and many have given up their own holiday plans with family to come and help, even from Manitoba.

    1. Elizabeth, the power crew has done the same here. No Christmas for them, they are working around the clock until everyone is restored.

  12. Dawn, the photos are pretty despite the chaos that beauty created. My sis lives in Michigan and she was without power for a few days. In fact, I was sitting next to her on Christmas Eve when she got a text from a friend saying the power was back on. How wonderful that your son and hubby were able to help so many people! It will be a Christmas you always remember. 🙂

    1. Jennifer lucky for you sister she didn’t have to be at home while the power was out. I am thankful ours is back on now.

  13. Wow Dawn, that is really something! The pics are lovely, but as you said, so many without power on Christmas! Sad. Your hubby and son are to be commended. Be proud Mama!!!!
    I blogged today about Christmas.
    We are in Big Bear now for some R & R.
    XO Kris

    1. Kris, have a great time in Big Bear. Your Christmas looked busy, and so joyous!

  14. Great story and beautiful pics. We spent our Christmas in NC with family. What a wonderful family you have!

    1. Tammy how fun to be in NY over Christmas, bet you had a wonderful time.

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