Inexpensive Organizational Ideas

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Tips for Organizing Christmas Ornaments | creativecaincabin.comAs I sit and think about the holiday’s creeping near, and all that goes along with it I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite Inexpensive Organizational Ideas that I’ve used in the past. As you know this year we are trying to sell both homes so my mission has been on organizing and downsizing what we have. I’m not sure how one can accumulate so much junk  stuff, but it seems to happen. One minute the place is neat and tidy and the next it’s overflowing with too much of everything. Last year right before Thanksgiving I decided to haul the Christmas ornaments up from the basement and get them organized. I didn’t want to buy anything new but wanted a different look for the tree from year to year so I organized what I had by color and was determined to make do with what I owned,  you can read more about it here and see the colors I used on last years tree here. The plastic ornament bins can be found at any big box store for around $5 each and well worth the cost in my opinion. I especially like that I can see through the container and know what color I’m grabbing. 

Vinyl Lettered Pantry Storage Containers | CreativeCainCabin.comAnother inexpensive way to get my pantry staples organized is to save large glass containers, or stop by GW and pick a few up for pennies, and either purchase or make your own vinyl letters to create a custom container look. I make sure and wash the containers by hand once I’ve added the letters but that’s easy enough to do and you can read more about how to do this here.

Pantry Storage and Organization System | CreativeCainCabin.comOne of the best ways to stay organized in my pantry was to purchase these plastic mesh baskets from Wally World, they were around $2 each and make finding things so much easier. I made tags for the basket from vinyl eraser white board sticker and labeled each basket. My mission is to downsize all my overflow food to just my walk in kitchen pantry. I also have a huge room in the basement with two big freezers full of food. Since we no longer have 8 teen boys living with us Im using up what we have and only restocking the main pantry. Here’s something funny; we just ran out of toilet paper from my basement pantry. I hadn’t purchased any in over 3 years (I extreme couponed for a long time) and when I had to buy more I noticed the rolls are now narrower and less full. I really feel ripped off, that stuff is so expensive. 

Laundry Room Before and After OrganizationI also needed to get the area above my washer and dryer under control. When we built the cabin I had hubby put up some wire racking the space was too deep for standard cupboards and I wanted to use every inch so this was the best option for the money and by the before pic you can see I just heaved things on the shelf until I got it organized. I purchased the large fabric containers for $5 each and made my own labels on the computer. I basically  have the same things on the shelf but now they look neat and tidy. For more photos of the bathroom organization click here.

Did you know if don’t have the time or energy to organize your own space you can hire it done by Ann Marie Guenther, a self-taught “guru of organization,” she has helped the disorganized become organized for years — for free. She’d wow friends by organizing their homes, offices spaces and garages with military-like precision. Ann Marie eventually wised up to the fact that people would pay big bucks for her skills, and she launched her own organizing service in 2014. She named it Thatgirl Organizes (ThatGirlOrganizes.Guru) As a wife and mother to four kids, keeping organized helps Ann Marie balance motherhood with growing a new business On balancing work and motherhood, Ann Marie says, “I’m the first to say it’s not easy. I don’t know how moms can do it when they live in chaos or have that, because the kids feel that, and that would be an absolute nightmare for me. On naming her website, Ann Marie says, “My husband came up with a list of new domain names, and he said, “Guru is super-cool.” And I said, “Well, that’s me.” A guru is someone who can’t stop doing what they love; they know so much about it it’s crazy; and they just are incessant about doing it. That’s me! I’m a ‘dot-guru’! I’m not a ‘dot-com’. Read more about why Ann Marie picked the name and why a “not-com” here: How This Woman Can Organize Your Chaos.

Choosing a great name for your business or project is an important, significant decision. Name.Kitchen offers tips, advice and inspiration to help you jump-start the name brainstorm. There are some amazing new choices in naming your business out there today so why not take advantage of the Not-Com movement? You can choose a great name for your business here and claim that name here.


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Name.Kitchen.


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