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Iron Ore French Doors


Iron Ore Paint by Sherwin Williams on French Doors in a Log Home

Hi all, I’m finally back to share with you the French Doors in the dining room that I painted in Iron Ore from Sherwin Williams. It’s also the paint color on the lettering on the backside of the island, which you can see here. In an earlier post I shared with you the color I went with on our front entrance door so if you missed that you can see it here. I’ve really been on a roll and have accomplished so many tasks on my to do list.

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Right now I’m in gardening mode, so you’ll be seeing plenty of those types of posts coming up real soon. I purchased 30 herb plants this week, I’m making my own garden bags (upcoming post), and I’ve even sewn a new garden apron.

Iron Ore Paint by Sherwin Williams on French Doors in a Log Home

The most exciting part is my hubby had the opportunity to bring home a free garden shed and I’ll be turning it into our chicken coop. I’m not getting egg layers, I already have a source for them so I’ll be raising meat chickens like I’ve done in the past. Once you have home grown chickens you’ll never want another store bought one. Not only is the flavor amazingly better but I also know what they’re fed which is a big concern of mine.

Iron Ore Paint by Sherwin Williams on French Doors in a Log HomeAnyway back to the French Doors. If you follow me on IG I posted a picture of the dining room and asked everyones advice on a paint color. The color black was what most people suggest and it was also my pick so Iron Ore it was. I already had the paint so it was a winner with no further purchase to be made.

Iron Ore Paint by Sherwin Williams on French Doors in a Log Home

In the second photo you’ll see the original paint color, which was Pennies From Heaven. I find it truly amazing I kept that color for 9 years, but I did. I like to change things often and some how it never occurred to me that the doors were in need of an update. You all know how much I like hate to paint so I had to mentally prepare myself. Each door took an hour per side so in total it took 4 hours of paint time for both French Doors. Painting around all those slats in the windows is a real pain. Whoever invented that surely wasn’t concerned about how impossible painting them would be.

Iron Ore Paint by Sherwin Williams on French Doors in a Log Home

I’m still on a mission of looking for a new house everyday but so far nothing’s turned up. On the plus side maybe I’ll have all the updates done on the cabin by the time we find something new. I know when it’s meant to be it will all fall into place. I think our plan is to buy the new place and then put our other two homes on the market. Houses sell in under a week in my neck of the woods so we certainly don’t want to be homeless if ours sell before we find something new.

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  1. The french doors look amazing. Don’t you wish you had done it years ago? I always kick myself when I do something like that and it looks so good. Good luck with the house hunting.

    1. Pat, yes I wonder why it took me so long to notice they needed a change and black is always the perfect color when you cant decided.

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