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It’s a Candle and Quilt Kind of Day

It’s been snowing here for days.
I love our Winters and today reminds me of a day to curl up in a quilt,
light a few candles and enjoy all the snow piling up around us.
 Lots of people don’t like the snow and choose to go to warmer climates
for the Winter.
 I don’t mind it at all….
I still get out and walk the dog every day no matter how much
snow or how cold it is.
 My family enjoys outside sports and in 
Winter it is snowmobiling and downhill skiing.
 Yet we always look forward to the next Seasons arrival.
Anyone else a Snow lover?

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  1. I love snow. Your pictures are beautiful. So many complain so much about winter. As long as I have power and food in my pantry, I love it all. Now, ice is different, but I love the snow.

  2. Hi Dawn,
    I am not a winter girl more a summer girl but I do love when it is snowing outside and how beautiful it makes everything look. Your quilt is so pretty and ready for you to get cozy and watch the snow come down. Very pretty.

  3. Hmmm…not much a fan of long, dark, cold winters. As I become older, I find it hard to stay warm and snug. I do enjoy a beautiful fresh snow on the ground with the sun overhead, though. And I do walk the dogs everyday so I’m getting out and about. Your photos are lovely.
    Farmhouse hugs,

  4. I love the snow, it was 40 degrees here in Miami. I took the dog out for a walk it is very cool today. I’m ready for some hot tea!


  5. I love walking after a snowfall. Everything is so quiet and beautiful. I would miss it if I moved south, but I wouldn’t mind winter not lasting quite so long! Your quilt in the snow is beautiful, Jean

  6. your photos are gorgeous, love them! we have finally gotten rid of our snow, but i hear we are in for a BIG storm on thursday! i am ready for some warm weather, seems like i am always cold this winter.

    take care!

  7. Not a big fan of snow (personally), but you sure make it look pretty 🙂 If I had my druthers, I’d move to a milder climate.

  8. I love the 4 seasons we have here in Pa. I don’t mind the snow only when it ruins plans that we might have on the weekends, right now there are snow flurries in the air with snow on the ground and it’s cold…17 degrees! I can’t imagine living any where else although I do get envious of pictures of the far southern states and things in bloom already. My favorite season is spring around here, everything so fresh and green.

    I love your photos and the quilt just goes together so well with the ball jars and crate!

    I am going to look for an old grate, thanks so much for your suggestion, that’s what I love about the blog world:)

  9. I love snow but from the comfort of my chair by the fireplace. Looks like the snow is staying south in your area, you’ve got more than we do. Happy Sunday Dawn.

  10. Definitely a winter girl. No blizzard is too big for me. Love the pictures.

  11. Hi Dawn! Oh, I would love to have some snow, it just happen here on the Texas Gulf Coast! Now your snaps are so lovely! Love your quilt and I hope that lovely setting is not outside! 🙂
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  12. I heart snow. Looks real cozy there Dawn!

  13. Oh….What a wonderful post, my friend! I am a snow lover and today the forecast for the high desert Central Oregon is getting ready for another blast of winter. I am a happy camper!
    Your photos are amazing…so pretty and so cozy looking. Quilts, candlelight, pearly white snow…Ahh…It’s all so magical…So perfect!
    Blessings and thanks for sharing!
    Carolynn xoxo

  14. I like the snow too and used to walk my dog come rain or shine. I much prefer snow to constant rain (which we had in Portland–it makes winter and spring long….)

    I love the quilts too!

    Have a great day.

  15. Well, we didn’t get snow in Texas. I might like it better if I wasn’t so obviously clumsy.

  16. I like snow only when it happens over night and the roads are clear the next morning. I worry something fierce when my family has to drive in it.


  17. I do love winter and snow…but I do worry when we get a lot of snow or ice, because I’m not a big fan of driving in it.
    Love your photos…so pretty!!

  18. I love your pretty post–GREAT pictures! I love snow….I guess because we don’t get much in Alabama. My family is in the south because my Dad grew up in Nebraska and they had snow so often there that he headed for a place with warmer weather. We will be in the low 30’s tonight.

  19. I love the snow for skiing, but I don’t think I could live in it.

    I do like rainy days when I can stay in the house and work on projects.

    We just had 3 days of hot sunny weather and have gotten spoiled. It is supposed to rain tomorrow.

  20. I love the outdoor post. I always have the fantasy if sitting outside by the fire pit in the winter but it is just too darn cold!!! I love winter and the snow I just wish the winter would come before Christmas and leave by the end of February but that is not usually the case. I love the quilt you featured. Thanks for hosting and sharing, Laura

  21. Most definitely not. I enjoy it for the first day, maybe two but then I’m done with it. I am SO ready to move back to Florida to SUNSHINE and WARMTH and the kids being able to play outside whenever they want and being TAN, lol!!

  22. I missed this post somehow. We love the snow, but since we don’t actually live in it, I am not sure if that counts. That quilt is beautiful. Where did you get it? Thrifted, or did you make it? LOVE!!!!
    xo Kris

  23. Wow, old blue jars cozy quilts candles and snow – I love it all, and now I’m a follower of your blog! Enjoy your snow and hop on over to Sall’s Country Life for a visit.

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