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Watermelon Vase and a Picnic Snack

It’s time for a picnic on the porch.  I didn’t want my watermelon vase to go to waste.
So I decided to set a pretty table for an afternoon
snack of watermelon.
I like to dine outside but hubby hates to fight the bugs for his meal.
If we have time this summer we have decided to screen in our back deck.
It is the one that leads off our dining room. We will have to put a roof over it too.  I bet if he goes to all that work I can talk him into using that space for eating in the summertime.
Are you the alfresco type or not so much?


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  1. Dawn, if you can talk him into screening your deck, you will be eating a lot of meals out there! We have a table on our screened in porch and we use it a lot in the spring and the fall. Your photos of the watermelon are really enticing!

  2. SO pretty!
    I love Al Fresco – but I’m a mosquito magnet ( a screened in porch sounds wonderful )

  3. I love eating outside, but the mosquitoes love me too much. I sure miss my screened porch. xo Laura

  4. Lovely. We eat melons all summer. We do eat on our deck and patio frequently. Now we are fighting mosquitoes due to daily rains though. Thanks again for FB feature. xo, Olive

  5. So pretty Dawn. Love this idea of using the watermelon for the centerpiece. Very cute.

  6. I love the watermelon vase! Super cute idea. Yes, I am the alfresco type, as much as possible. This summer the weather has been a lot more user friendly. (unlike last summer when we had more than a month of temps over 100) We’re eating our dinner outside tonight, in fact.

  7. We love to eat outside…in my area it’s not too bad with bugs….just those dark mosquito
    Cute idea

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