January Felt Ornament Patterns (Owl & Bear)

Owl & Bear Felt Patterns

I’m so excited today is our first day in the “Christmas Ornament Felt Along” series.  The January patterns that are available are the “Owl” and the “Bear”.  These are just examples of what can be done, use your own creativity and make these critters fit your own style and color scheme. There is no wrong way to do them. I also have a few tips for you that you may  want to read before starting.



1. Start with the front felt layer (the body of the critter) and layer up from there.

2. Add the back of the critter last (you don’t want the stitching from the face on the back side.)

3. Don’t forget to add the ribbon or string to the top if you are making these into ornaments.

4. Embroidery floss come in 6 strands, separate the strands and use 3 at a time.



Felt – In your color choice, you can purchase felt in 8X10 sheets at any craft store for about 25Β’ (make sure you keep your scraps from each sheet, you will be able to use them up on future critters)

Floss – Color of your choice.

Batting – If you choose to stuff them. (Mine are not stuffed, just so you get an idea of what unstuffed looks like)

String or Ribbon – For the hanger.

Scissors – For cutting out pattern.

Pins – For pinning pattern to the felt.

Printer – For printing pattern.


Many of you have commented that you will be doing this project with children, and I think that is a wonderful idea. These type of ornaments are the kind that get passed down from generation to generation and never seem to go out of style. If you feel the stitching part is to hard for kids you can always use fabric glue to assemble them. Another thought I had was you may want to sign the back of the ornament with your initials and the year, maybe with a sharpie, I know for me as time goes on my memory gets worse and it would be a good reminder of when I made them. 


Critter Kit


Here’s what I call my “Travel Critter Kit,” It’s a great way to get some stitching done while hubby drives. I picked up a small container at the Dollar Store, load it up with my cut out pattern pieces, a needle, embroidery floss, a tiny pair of scissors, pins, string and my spectacles. And I tape the pattern I will be making to the lid to use as reference. We live so far from everything that I can normally get two critters done while riding to town.  


Below you will find the “Owl” pattern available for download, after you do that head over to Mockingbird Hill Cottage where you can see two more examples of the “Owl” and “Bear” and there you will also find the “Bear Pattern” available to download.


Woodland Felt Owl Pattern

Click Here to Download the Woodland Felt Owl Pattern


Click Here to be Taken to Mockingbird Hill Cottage Where you Will Find the Bear Pattern


Make sure you come back on January 27th, that’s when Claudia and I will be hosting the Linky party. We all want to see how each persons ornament turned out so mark your calendar πŸ™‚ Also if you are enjoying this series share it with your friends, I am looking forward to seeing how creative you all are. For those of you who don’t blog but will be following this series, you will be able to submit your photo by email the day of the Linky party. I would like everyone to have an opportunity to show off your critters. We will do a collage post that showcases all the talent and creativity out there.  


Now let the ornament making begin πŸ™‚





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    1. Thank you Amy, hope you have the time to put these darling critters together.

  1. Looks great, Dawn! I can’t wait to get started on February’s critter. Thanks so much for letting me host this with you.

    1. Claudia it is a pleasure working with you and having you as a friend πŸ™‚

  2. Oh that owl is adorable. We finally have a slight break in the weather so I am heading out to the grocery and will stop by Joann for some supplies. Love this idea!

    1. Ann, I am so glad you are joining us I know yours will be adorable πŸ™‚ Be safe driving today!

  3. These are darling, Dawn! I love working with felt. The little owl is just so sweet!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia πŸ˜‰

    1. Shelia, I hope you will be making these you do such marvelous work and your other felt ornaments were just perfect πŸ™‚

  4. These ornaments are so cute! Thanks so much for sharing the patterns…I can’t wait to get started!

    1. Debbie you are so welcome πŸ™‚ I am excited to see how everyone interprets the patterns and makes them their own.

  5. Hi Dawn,
    I’ve come over from Claudia’s. Looking forward to joining in with you guys, looks like so much fun.

    Happy Wednesday!

    1. Sally, Welcome πŸ™‚ I hope you enjoy making the critters and don’t forget to come back and link up with us on the 27th.

    1. Kris, you should make a set of these for each of your grandkids to play with.

  6. cute – cute – cute
    I’ve downloaded both little critters and I’m off to see what felt I have on hand and what I might need to purchase.
    Hope the weather has improved for you … it is sunny here, hardly any of that bone chilling wind and the weekend looks promising with temperatures rising about 0 Celsius

    1. Linda can’t wait to see your critters πŸ™‚ It reached 18 today….we are having a heat wave. LOL

  7. Dawn…..I just have to say that I think we would be great friends if we knew each other…….I love your blog, your cabin (just a little jealous), your connection with the community, how you obviously love your family. Just want to thank you for sharing your world with us.

    1. Awww Patty how sweet πŸ™‚ Wouldn’t it be grand to meet in person, I bet we would get along just smashingly.

  8. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    Thanks Dawn..These are going to be adorable..

    1. Thank you Nancy, enjoy making them πŸ™‚

  9. Is there a trick to downloading this pattern?

    1. Sharon you just click on the link below the pattern and it will download into whatever folder your computer puts the downloadable zip file into. I can send it to you by email if that helps, let me know πŸ™‚

  10. Dawn, I thought we would be making ornaments from the original group of pictures that were posted. Will we be making any from those pictured?

    1. Sandra, the ones we are making are all the ones I have drawn.

  11. Hi Dawn,

    Could you kindly email me the owl pattern? I cannot seem to make the downloads work for me. Thanks for the creative inspiration for a new crafter like me πŸ™‚


    1. Lori, I sent it over πŸ™‚ happy stitching.

  12. Carole Alden says:

    Looks like they would make a nice project for Scouts or youth group. Could share the yarn and felt so it wouldn’t cost as much. Boys need to know how to sew too, also can trace patterns from coloring books.

    1. Carole, My son can sew he made a quilt when he was 10 and still has it now at 19. He actually liked using the machine and now that he knows how he can do his own repairs.

  13. Hi Dawn,

    My sister-in-law sent me to your website. You are so talented. I’d love to make the owl, but I can’t get the zip file to print. I’m not the most technological person so any help you can give would be great. If I can learn how to print the owl, then I won’t have to bother you again, hopefully.

    Thanks, Nancy

  14. Rebecca Curtis says:

    How do I sign up to do this? A friend & I are going to make these together. thanks

    1. Rebecca all you need to do is print the patterns, make the critters, and come back at the end of every month and link up photos of your ornaments. It’s fun and easy!

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