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JCPenny Henna Slipcovers

JC Penny Henna Slip Covers

It’s time to change the slipcovers from white to henna. I wasn’t planning on making the switch to the fall colors yet but I had no choice. The other night hubby spilled his pop on the white chair, and then says “what do you want me to do with it”. Well, root-beer on a white slipcover just doesn’t go away, I told him they would need to be taken off and changed to a different color. I love all the choices the JCPenny slipcovers come in and I think I have them in every color they make but boy are the a struggle to get on. So after dreading the thought of swapping them out, I made my move and went in search of the henna slipcovers. The color they call henna is the perfect spiced pumpkin color for fall. I always take off the slips and store them dirty and right before I switch colors I throw them in the wash. I have found if you don’t put them on while wet they shrink up enough that you can’t get them back on, it’s a struggle even when they are wet and have a little give to them. I normally swap the 2 chairs out one day and the next day do the sofa. Then I pay for it for 3 days, my hands hurt so bad from all the pulling a tugging, hence the reason I dread changing colors. But in the end after the pain subsides I like the fresh feel a new color gives. 


Fall Flowerscape

Did you notice beside the chair is sitting the last Fall Flower Bouquet for the year? I think I have about exhausted what is blooming in my garden, from here on out I will have to rely on store bought blooms, or just do without. 






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  1. That’s the perfect color for Fall…they look great!
    Dawn are your chairs from JCPenny’s or just the slips?

    1. Martina, both the chairs and slips are JCP’s linden street edition.

  2. DId you buy the chairs at JC Penny, too? If so, what a great deal! Chairs and lots of different slipcovers to change the mood. Love this pretty henna color, Dawn. I’m heading home tomorrow and wonder if there are any flowers blooming at this point.


    1. Claudia, yes the chairs are from JCP too, you get just a chair with no slip and build form there. I still have a few flowers but we have had frost here where you may have not. Congrats on going home.

  3. Hi Dawn,
    I hear you on the slipcover wash and change up. Mine can go in the dryer the girl that made them for me washed and preshrunk the fabric so I can throw them in the dryer. They go on easier when they do not have to be wet. I have an Ikea chair that I have to put the slipcover on like you do and it is a pain literally on your hands and arms. I hear you!!!! I love that color it is so pretty and perfect for this time of year.

    1. Kris, it is a great idea that the fit tight, but it sure makes it a challenge to get them on:)

  4. I am glad I’m not the only one who hates to take off and put on slipcovers.

    My mums are ready to burst, the plants are full of buds, but nothing has opened. Maybe they are waiting until October 1 which is my official decorate for fall day.

    1. Carol, I am sure your mums are timing your decorating date. LOL

  5. I think the morning glories are still blooming. But everything else seems to just about be kaput. Oh, I saw a few marigolds blooming out front. But then I haven’t been out in days because of allergies. I will enjoy them on blogs I guess!

    1. Brenda, Are your flowers all done because of the heat?

  6. I enjoyed reading more about you and the house at Must Love Junk this morning.

    1. Thank you Carol, I need to make sure and stop back by to read all the comments.

  7. Dawn
    I like your new Fall chair colour!
    I never realized what a job it was to switch them.

    1. Kim, it is dreadfully hard to get those things on. It takes two people just to get the zipper zipped on the back. Love the look but hate how hard it is.

  8. Dawn, I love the color of your slipcovers! No wonder you dread changing them, though! The last of your flowers are beautiful. We still have a few roses that are blooming and lots of marigolds in the garden.

    1. Jane, I can’t believe how long you get to enjoy veggies and flowers. We have had frost here and my Mom has had her heat on.

  9. Dawn, love your chair, I have been looking to buy a sofa and slip covered chair and was thinking about ikea . I didn’t know jc pennys had any, are you happy with yours except for being to hard to get on?

    1. Sue, I am very happy with mine:) I have never had anyone guess they are slips, people think I get new furniture all the time. I have heard the Ikea slips are easy to put on. I have had the furniture for 5 years with no issues. If you watch they go 50% off all the time and if you apply for a credit card with JCP you get an additional 20% off. That’s how I did mine and it sure saved a lot of money.

  10. Dawn, I adore that color!!! I have a lot of that color in my house. It sure sounds like changing them out is a big pain in the patoot!!!
    xo Kris

    1. Kris, it is a pain literally, but worth it when they all feel fresh again.

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