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Jewel Tone Christmas Porch

Jewel Tone Christmas Tree

The weather is bitter cold here in Michigan but I did manage to get out and do a little porch decorating and the theme this year is jewel tone colors. The porch is a great spot to reuse those ornaments you no longer use on your family tree in the house. I think guest like to see a festive porch greet them when they arrive. We have 3 porches on our log home and this is the smallest of them, it’s also the entrance we use everyday making it on my priority list to decorate first. Since there are only men in my house it will probably go unnoticed. 


Winter Porch in Jewel Tones

I pulled my el-cheepo fake tree up from the basement and stuffed it into a galvanized tub draped with burlap, talk about easy-peasy! I opted for no lights this year just ornaments in beautiful jewel tones. With the color of our logs being so dark the bright ornaments sure make it look festive. The old rocking chair resides on the porch year round and always has a seasonal pillow on it, many of times I have to chase down the pillow if the winds are high, I have even found it floating in the pond from time to time. 


Winter Porch of a Log Home

A few pine branches and ornament fill the wire baskets and some mason jar candles to top it all off. I have certainly kept to my no-buy, natural element, easy decorating theme this year, so far not a single item has been purchased I forged the property and basement for all my decor. I’m not a person who likes clutter or things that have to be stored so this is working out just perfect for me and after the holidays I plan on downsizing even more.


Winter Porch of a Log Home

The simple country life is for me and a no stress Christmas is a must.


Christmas Tree Gift Tag Printable

Christmas Tree Gift Tag Printable


Just click on the Christmas Tree Gift Tag and you will be taken to a page to download and print.


Below you will find the other bloggers who are also bringing you their Christmas Porch all decked out, don’t forget to stop in and get a little inspiration.


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Jewel Tone Christmas Tree




Christmas Tree Gift Tag








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  1. Cute, Dawn. Glad you were finally able to get your porch done. I don’t think I could live there where it gets so cold.

    1. Kim, thanks for stopping. Now I am just the opposite I hate hot weather and cringe every time my hubby wants to retire south or west, I didn’t even like hot weather as a kid even though I do get cold. I enjoy all the snow:) Have a wonderful week!

  2. Kathleen G says:

    I enjoy reading your blog along with the other three bloggers you mention. Just checked out another blogger that I follow too. Simplicity with greenery on her porch. Love that I can get inspiration from women that love their homes. Never knew this world. Thank you. Keep warm, Kathleen, Az

    1. Kathleen, I am all about simple this year. I haven’t even stepped foot in a store in ages so I don’t know what there is out there to buy, and I am loving it. I don’t want to be caught up in all that buying, I would rather just use what I have.

  3. Dawn, I love your tree with the bright ornaments on it and the wire basket, too! I found the rusty snowman at the auction last year. He stayed outside all summer and got even rustier!

    1. Jane, thanks for stopping. There is an artist here in my town that makes items like that, I may need to commission her.

    1. Thank you Debra, it works for me this year. For some reason there are just years I am not in the mood to go all out with my decor and this is one of them.

  4. I love it, Dawn. It looks so very festive. xo Laura

    1. Thank you Laura, it is a fun spot to have decorated, I enjoy seeing it when I open the door.

  5. Dawn,
    Your porch is awesome. You did a great job with what you already had and that is so fantastic. It looks pretty and I love the snow falling in your pictures. Very festive.

    1. Thank you Kris, I just didn’t want to purchase anything new this year, it is just more stuff to store. LOL I bet you’re getting the snow too.

  6. Dawn your porch looks FABULOUS all dressed for Christmas…LOVE the tree in the galvanized bucket!

    1. Martina I think everything looks great in a galvanized bucket:) LOL Happy Holidays!

  7. I love your Christmas tree Dawn. It looks so beautiful on your front porch.

    1. Thank you Dee, the simple look is working great for me this year. I haven’t felt the stress of decorating at all.

  8. Your photos are so fun with the snow flying. It is cold isn’t it? lol. I wish we would get a bit more snow though…your porch is welcoming and festive. Perfect!

    1. Ann it is freezing here today and the heat went out in my Jeep while driving it. It is way to cold for no heat:(

    1. Shelia, I used to only do white lights on my tree before I had kids but I enjoy that look and you are right it is much simpler.

  9. Thank you for sharing Dawn! Your ideas are absolutely spot on and I like it that you often have the items on hand and don’t need to purchase just to make it!
    Happy Holidays Friend,

    1. Noelle, I would rather spend my money other places so for the holidays I do use whatever is around. Have a wonderful Christmas yourself:)

    1. Thank you Linda, I got the pictures just in time before the wind kicked up and blew the Christmas tree over:(

    1. Shirley it takes them forever to notice anything. I purchased new furniture once and it took my husband 2 years to notice. LOL

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