Kitchen Nook

Decorating a Kitchen Nook

Have I ever shared with you my kitchen nook? If you look closely there’s magnets on the top and the bottom of the nook where slotted spacers fit in to hold dinner plates upright for display, but I’ve found that plates are bigger than ever now so most of the time they don’t fit. My everyday Corelle do but they’re not very pretty or interesting for display so instead I use the area to decorate and hide my junk.

Decorating a Kitchen Nook

Yep in that green vintage Pyrex bowl is where I hide stuff that I use everyday and don’t want sitting out for the world to see. My vitamins are in there, gift cards, and things that need to be done like rebate slips filled out and mailed in. It’s my catch all spot!

Decorating a Kitchen Nook

Do you have an area where you hide you junk? Believe me it’s not the only place we have. There’s also a junk drawer, but as long as it’s out of sight and organized I don’t mind having it. I know we all have stuff that can’t always be out of sight but I do like the idea of at least trying to disguise it decoratively.

Decorating a Kitchen Nook

My Mom left her vintage Pyrex in our guesthouse when she moved south full time and I was pleasantly surprised to see it. I snatched it up and use it all the time. There are many fond memories of food being served out of those bowls when I was a kid. I always remember the large brown Pyrex bowl being heaped with homemade mashed potatoes and right in the middle was a big ole’ serving spoon. My Moms going to kill me for saying this but I also remember after dinner was over, and the dishes were in the dishwasher she would lick that big mashed potato spoon, just like it was cake batter and like my mother I do the same.


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  1. Kathleen G says:

    What a cute display! Using the Pyrex bowl has a catchall is a good. You have a cheerful kitchen Dawn!
    Have a beautiful day, Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen I have to have a hiding spot or it stresses me out seeing things where they don’t belong.

  2. My mother served from Pyrex bowls also… not sure if she licked the spoon though. LOL If she did, she hid it well. We have a nice three piece vintage set of the bowls in green and we use them all the time. Just can’t kill a good set of Pyrex I guess. LOL

    1. Diane I agree the vintage Pyrex holds up well forever but I have heard some of the later stuff breaks easily and wasn’t made as well. So far I haven’t experienced that!

  3. Well, Dawn, if you’ve got junk what a pretty spot for it! I’m always trying to find a better spot to keep all those things too. No matter how hard I try it always ends up spilling over to the kitchen counters though.

    1. Becky, I have to make it a point to go through everything in the bowl about once a week and put things where they belong and take care of the rebates and things.

    1. Shirley, I love being able to display the vintage Pyrex whenever I can.

  4. Cheryl Major says:

    Dawn, what a pretty place to store your Junk. You sure have some pretty junk. I am guilty of having more than 1 junk drawer. I hate it but I need the stuff if you know what I mean…Have a great day !

    1. Cheryl I have a very large junk drawer but I do have it organized with little dividers so that makes it ok in my book.

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