How to Keep Outdoor Cushions From Blowing Away

How To Keep Outdoor Cushions From Blowing Away

This has been a pet peeve of mine forever. Purchase new pretty pillow only to have a storm and find them in the next county covered in mud or in our pond…..HOW FRUSTRATING. Well I was determined to find a way to keep them from blowing away this year. I looked into velcro but couldn’t think of a way to make that work, I debated on using a bungee strap but that wouldn’t be too attractive across each pillow but while shopping at Hobby Lobby I had a lightbulb moment and my answer became clear. 

How To Keep Outdoor Cushions From Blowing Away

There on the clearance rack was a huge wire basket and I knew I could squeeze 8 pillows into it. I purchased this round one in white, and a square one in black and took them both home and tried them out. I really liked the black one better but it wasn’t as large and all the pillows didn’t fit, so the white one was the keeper. The basket has two handles so I added a small “C” hook into the house and hooked the handle over it to assure it won’t be going anywhere. 

C Hook

I’ve seen those outside plastic bins that pillows can go in but I just didn’t have a space that it looked good in and for decorative purposes I like the wire basket better. I’m so excited I won’t have to track down the pillows anymore. After all I don’t want to ruin them after I went to so much work making them. Don’t you just love it when those lightbulb moment actually work out?

If you missed this year’s porch tour you can see it here!


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  1. I cover my outdoor furniture up with a huge tarp tucked under it. I don’t want my stuff getting ruined by the elements.

    1. Kim, great idea I normally bring things in for the winter but who wants to haul the pillows in every night?

  2. Great idea!!!…The winds around here are not strong enough to thrust my pillows into the next county like yours…they do sometimes will flop over…but that is the extent to it…you have certainly found a beautiful solution!!!

    1. Shirley wow the winds are strong here. We have farmland all around us and we’re on a hill so it really gets gusty.

  3. Great problem solving! We too get so much wind coming across our porch. I’m always gathering something that has blown away. Your pillows look great.

    1. Becky it only took me years to come up with an idea, lol.

  4. Clever and very cute indeed.

    1. Thank you Debbie and I figure I can bring them in for the winter and keep them stored in the basket. Maybe slide a trash bag over the top to keep the dust off.

      1. That’s a smart idea. Do you have the store Hobby Lobby in your area? If so, so many cute things are on sale and you would enjoy taking a look. I bought several items for my she shed. Pictures are still coming your way.

        1. Debbie yes I have one about 30 minute from me, I stop in often and spend too much, lol

    1. Jeanie it’s the only way I could think of that would work and still look decorative.

  5. Your ideas/suggestions are inspiring! ! I always learn something from you!
    Thank You!

    1. I’m so happy to hear that, have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Well, I guessed that I have been blessed , as we have 2 covered decks and barely any wind ( we are surrounded by bush ) so the cushions do not move unless the kids move them. I really like the wire basket approach and it is really cute and charming and fits right in on your porch.

    1. Cheryl I’m just the opposite, surrounded by farmland, on a hill, and the wind is always whipping. It does make it nice for not having to use our air but it was a daily challenge of chasing cushions. Now I leave them in the basket at night and decorate with them by day. If it’s going to rain I just leave them in the basket and don’t bother getting them out.

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