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Keto Bread Recipe No Eggs and Tastes Good

Keto Bread Recipe Thats Delicious

There’s nothing more rewarding than turning out a fresh loaf of bread with my own two hands. This recipe is by far the best I’ve tried when it comes to flavor and texture. If you are following a Keto diet you’ll want to give this a go. Hubby by doctors orders follows a Keto diet and bread is the one thing that’s hard to give up for him, and finding a tasty version on the market has been impossible. So this led me to try several recipes, most of them fails when it comes to flavor but this one is a keeper.

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I enjoy the entire process of making bread. Anytime I’m working with my hands to supply needs for my family I feel blessed. Some of the ingredients you may not have on hand but they can be sourced at most markets or health food store. I was lucky when I stumbled upon this recipe I already had everything I needed in my pantry. If you are a baker and like to eat healthy you will probably have all the ingredients on hand too.

This loaf smells delicious and is tastes wonderful with a big slab of real butter slathered on top. One slice with butter added is a meal for me. Don’t expect it to rise like most recipes, it will almost double in size but this is more a dense bread with the consistency more like a muffin. The texture and flavor are amazing. Most Keto breads fall apart and have an awful, overpowering, eggy flavor but that’s not the case with this. Ive realized in writing this post for me its really hard to describe flavor, texture, and aroma with words. Sometime you just have to make it and experience it for yourself. 

A couple of suggestions: 

  1. If you use pink Himalayan salt only use have of what the recipe calls for (this is what I use) but any salt works. 
  2. I bake in a convection oven and I believe it bakes a little quicker than a conventional oven so adjust you’re baking time based on the type of oven you use.
  3. Water temperature is very important in this recipe so make sure you gage it.
  4. I use a preheated baking stone but a cookie sheet lined with parchment will  also work.
  5. I already had Chia seeds on hand so I used my magic bullet to grind them, and it works perfectly. Don’t go buy ground if you have the seeds already. You can also use a spice or coffee grinder. 

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  1. Funny – I was just looking at a bread recipe in Midwest Living magazine this morning and am in the mood for a bit of bread baking today. Especially since we’re going to get snowed in! I’ll have to give yours a try after I find the ingredients. 🙂

  2. Huge bread fan but as I’ve gotten older i realize i gotta stop back or I’ll be paying for it. Happy new year!

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