Kitchen Decorating Using Food

Kitchen Loaded With Colorful Vegetables, Bread, Herbs, and FlowersFinally Michigan is seeing some sunshine, and it’s much easier to take photos of the cabin when a few rays creep in. With all the wood it’s hard to get good photos anyway and with no natural light it makes it even harder. So while it was bright and sunny I wanted to do a few shots, but had nothing new to decorate it with so I turned to the refrigerator and added food to the island for some pops of color. 

Kitchen Loaded With Colorful Vegetables, Bread, Herbs, and FlowersIt’s really amazing how pretty it can be just by using food. I guess you’d call it edible art. I recently purchased new herb plants for the kitchen windowsill. I use fresh herbs everyday on something I’m eating and my old ones had been cut down too often to the point they couldn’t recover and make a come back. 

Kitchen Loaded With Colorful Vegetables, Bread, Herbs, and FlowersMy two favorite that I use daily are cilantro and parsley. I’ve never found a meal that couldn’t use a little parsley. I never use the thyme but I like the way it drapes over the pot so I keep it on hand just because it’s pretty. 

Kitchen Loaded With Colorful Vegetables, Bread, Herbs, and FlowersSeeing all the fresh veggies and fruit along with the sunshine is making me antsy for spring. The birds are returning, starting to nest and our grass is getting greener. The bad part is we also have to endure the horrible mud until things dry up. My Jeep is constantly mud covered and so are the wood floors in the house. 

Kitchen Loaded With Colorful Vegetables, Bread, Herbs, and FlowersIt’s the time of year I have to mop every day. I constantly have little doggie prints on them. My hubby has been using the bobcat to grade the driveway every few days to keep the ruts down. He grades, it freezes and firms up over night just to thaw out again during the day and make more mud again. 

Kitchen Loaded With Colorful Vegetables, Bread, Herbs, and FlowersIt’s all part of the joys of country living, thank goodness for Hunter boots they sure get a workout this time of year.  Once the mud dries up hubby also plans on putting our retainer wall in on our walkout side of the basement. He gathered most of the boulders from a farmers field last fall to use in building it but never had a chance to get to it last year. 

Kitchen Loaded With Colorful Vegetables, Bread, Herbs, and FlowersKitchen Loaded With Colorful Vegetables, Bread, Herbs, and FlowersI never got around to planting my cut flower garden last year either so that’s on my Spring to-do-list. I sure missed having fresh flower to cut and bring into the house on a daily basis. Nothings better than being able to step outside into the garden and cut what I want to make the house feel alive. 

Kitchen Loaded With Colorful Vegetables, Bread, Herbs, and FlowersI’ve totally give up on vegetable gardening, I get what I need form local farmers now I just can’t keep the deer out of it. It’s so maddening to get it all planted, keep the weeds down only to have the darn critters devastate it overnight. All that hard work and I don’t even end up with a vegetable. 

Kitchen Loaded With Colorful Vegetables, Bread, Herbs, and FlowersIs anyone else making big plans for Spring and anxiously waiting it’s arrival? Tell me what you have planned! 

How to Stage a Kitchen for a Photo Shoot Using Food

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  1. Cheryl Major says:

    Dawn, your pictures are great !.
    I am glad to hear someone is getting sunshine. We are still recieving daily amounts of snow . I am just like you and look forward to spring. I also have several flower beds that I want to add to and clean up . Here’s hoping spring is not far away !

    1. Cheryl I think we’ve only had 3 days of sunshine all winter long so I was surprised when it appeared. I’m over the snow and ready for spring, I bet you are too.

  2. Loving our Mich sunshine and looking forward to the 50’s in the next few days!! Those veggies on your counter look fantastic and makes me think of spring also. I love your kitchen!!

    1. Jeanie I’m so looking forward to our 50 degree weekend too. I’m hoping to get outside and enjoy it while it lasts.

  3. Kathy Mills says:

    Love the flowers in white vase! What are those! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Kathy, believe it or not there faux and I have no idea what they are. LOL

  4. Your kitchen looks so beautiful with the brightly colored fruit and veggies…and those amazing colors of eggs really caught my eye!!!…I can totally relate to the critters…the ones around here eat everything but concrete! Yes, anxious for Spring…we have had some warm temps and things are starting to bloom…hoping we do not get a hard freeze!….Sorry about the mopping…I guess it is the downfall of living out in that beautiful countryside of yours!

    1. Shirley, yes nothing like fresh blue and brown chicken eggs. It’s going to be in the low 50’s this weekend and I’m looking forward to it. Nothings blooming here yet but maybe soon.

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