Landscaping Day Two

Day Two of landscaping…..
Staying with the “free” theme, I put 
a plea out on Facebook asking if anyone needed their flowers
divided this year.
I hit the jackpot my friend Mary came through with all these varieties.
I spent a wonderful afternoon admiring her yard and all it’s beautiful 
flowers.  I lucked out, she even did all the digging, all I had to do
was bag the flowers and label them.
Here’s what she had for me….
1. Day Lilly
2. Lambs Ear
3. Hydrangea
4. Black and Blue Salvia
5. Sweet Woodruff
6. Nine Bark
7. Phlox
8. Maiden Grass
9. Lamium
10. Fern
11. Cora Bell
I can’t wait to see them all in bloom.
Thanks Mary:)

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  1. You really did hit the jackpot! So many lovely varieties and I just love the concept of sharing plants with friends! Can’t wait to see more!

  2. Awesome idea Dawn!!!! Many people would love their overflow of plants to go to a good home. Thanks for sharing these lovely flower images. Makes me want to dig in the dirt!
    Can’t wait to see what you do!

  3. Dawn,
    Wow you scored!!!! What a pretty mix of lovelies you will have. I can’t wait to plant. I was hoping to start this week end but they are calling for cooler temps and rain. It is 85 today just wish it would stay nice!!!! I can’t wait to see all your flowers blooming too.

  4. You know we are a lot alike. I plant and divide all the time. You picked such pretty color combos too. I love purple and orange. My fave!! Is it snowing there? I was watching the weather channel. We are supposed to have record breaking heat by tomorrow. Crazy!!

  5. Dang! You have a fabulous friend! This will be beautiful and have more meaning than store bought.
    Farmhouse hugs,

  6. Wow! What a friend! To even dig them all up – that’s a real friend. The flowers will be beautiful. Happy digging!


  7. OH MY GOSH you did hit the jackpot!! I can’t wait to see them all in bloom. It will be stunning for sure. Free is the best!!

  8. Oh I just love flowers!!! I have been working in the flowerbeds and they are looking so good!! I can’t wait for the flowers to bloom!!

  9. What a super-nice friend! Beautiful flowers! Have fun planting, Dawn!

  10. I have most of these in my garden. Careful with the Sweet Woodruff — it will completely take over your garden, so plant it by itself somewhere where that’s okay. But I love it anyway (and it pulls out easily).

  11. Dawn, I’ve just been looking through your landscaping posts. I absolutely love sharing plants with other gardeners. My dad and I share all the time. You’ve included some of my very favorites and they are all so easy to divide in the future. Can’t wait to see it after it has had a little time to mature.

    1. Stacey, I love to hear that you and your Dad share. I think that is wonderful. Why buy new when you can divide and pass them on. I can’t believe how big some of mine are already. Have a wonderful week and thanks for dropping in.

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