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Landscaping the Cabin Part {3}


The flowers are finally blooming and I can get back to showing you how our landscaping of the cabin is coming along.  I have been waiting all summer for my new flowers to get some color and show you what we accomplished for FREE.



The first thing I did was put a shout on on Facebook asking if anyone had flowers that needed to be divided this year.  I got two responses both from Mary’s saying I could have all I wanted.  Yes, I was on my way to the first step of a FREE  bed of flowers.



Now this meant Hubby would have to get right on moving all our FREE rock into position to make the new bed.  It was pouring rain that day, but he worked with the bobcat in the mud and moved them all into place.  He also made several trips to our dirt stock pile (from having our pond dug) and brought up nice black dirt to fill the bed.  I was so appreciative this certainly was no project to do by hand.



From all the rocks this one is my favorite.  It is flat on top and very large.  It is like a bench, and that is exactly what I use it for. I sit on it to weed the flowers.  I weed as far as I can reach all the way around it.  Then I have to resort to stopping for the rest of the weeding.



The next day I was off to do some flower digging.  Boy did I luck out, my friend Mary did all the digging.  What a gal.  I was so thankful to get such a large variety.  As she dug, I placed the plants into plastic bags an labeled them.  I knew I would need that information when it was time to plant. I am so glad I did that, it made it so much easier when I got home and started planting.  I wanted the tall flowers in certain places and also wanted a color contrast between the flowers.



I was so determined to do the project for FREE and am proud to say we did.  Everything in filling in nicely and starting to bloom.  I hope to get the other side of the deck landscaped this fall, but if not it will be on my to-do-list for next Spring.



Next time you want a new flower variety, ask around I bet someone you know has it and would be willing to give you a cutting.  Most gardeners are very generous and enjoy sharing their plants.  This was such a nice experience for me that I decided to pay it forward.  I put a note on Facebook asking if anyone needed strawberry plants and herbs.  I got a reply right away.  Not only did I thin mine out (and they needed it) but I made someone else happy.  It is a great feeling.


If you missed our landscape story you can see it here {Part 1} and {Part 2}.







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  1. Dawn,
    So so lovely. Oh I want to come and sit on your porch and just look out at all the lovely land you have surrounding you. I love the picture with the blue sky and white fluffy clouds. Just beautiful.

    1. Kris, You know you are welcome any time you are in my neck of the woods. Would love to have you.

  2. Such a great way to get some pretty flowers, Dawn! I love that shot of your porch and the fields in the distance with that gorgeous sky. All of the rocks that edge our garden beds and provide some contrast in our large garden bed are from our property. I lugged each one of them by my lonesome! Lots of work but worth it.


    1. OMG, I can’t imagine having to lift all the rocks. Ours were to big to lift:) So glad we have a bobcat.

    1. Thank you Anne, There is no place that I would rather be. I am truly a country girl.

  3. Morning, Dawn! Oh, I love it! Everything looks so pretty and lush! Have a great Sunday.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

    1. Shelia, Thank you for stopping in for a peek. Hope your Sunday was wonderful as well.

  4. Love your big rocks and your flowers are really filling in nicely!


    1. Judy, I amazed at how big all the flowers have gotten. They were small samples when I got them this spring and now I can’t get my arms around some of them. The black and blue salvia is huge.

  5. That shot of the cabin and flowers, with blue sky and clouds in background…is stunning!!!
    XO Kris

    1. Thank you Kris, this is the norm at my home every day:)

  6. Your garden bed looks so pretty, Dawn! I can imagine how hard your hubby worked, but it was well worth it. I think it’s so sweet that Mary helped you find your flowers and dig…that’s true friendship! And I love your Facebook idea for finding people that want to divide their plants. My sisters and neighbors used to share plants all the time. Love seeing pictures of your cabin and that beautiful blue sky, too!


    1. Jane, Yes it is a good idea to share with friends. Why buy when you can trade. Thanks for stopping by:)

    1. Thank you for stopping by today Elma:) Have a great week.

  7. Oh, what I’d give for those big rocks! And that photo with the sky in the background is magnificent.

    1. Brenda, big rocks are free in my neck of the woods. The farmer was glad to see them leave his property. One less thing in his way while farming.

  8. I love the big boulders around your garden Dawn. Free flowers are awesome. I’m always sharing cuttings and divisions with our Freecycle group.

    1. Linda, I had totally forgot about freecycle. I haven’t visited that site in years. Thank you so much for reminding me. I do have more landscape projects to do:)

  9. Pattie Neu says:

    Where in Mi. do you live??? up/down ….. I live in the UP… With 2 bears, wolves, foxes, and where all of my deer’s have names !!

    1. Pattie, I am in lower Michigan. The deer here have ate my entire garden this year so the only name I have for them shouldn’t be repeated. LOL We snowmobile and the UP is where we head.

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE this pretty garden… and your porch… and your view! Your garden suites the sweet simplicity of your beautiful home! The vignette on the porch looks right out of a magazine!!!

    1. Yvonne, our porch is a favorite spot of mine and I love decorating it for different seasons. I am truly a country girl and love my life and where I live. Thank you for stopping in today:)

  11. Beautiful Dawn! That’s going to look just stunning when everything fills in. I’ve also used my local gardening club lists to give away plants I divided.

    1. Manuela, Thanks for dropping in. I wish we had such a club around here. I am just thankful for all the free flowers I got.

  12. Great idea Dawn! Flowers are sooooo expensive so I think you saved yourself a few hundred bucks.

    You have a little slice of heaven there in Michigan! Just beautiful!!!

  13. Perfect landscaping for your cabin! Love your new blog look, too! Makes me consider doing the same–one day–when I have time to concentrate on it. Who knows when that will be! lol

    1. Dru, Thanks for dropping in. I am doing blog graphics and blog makeovers now. If you need a little help let me know:)

  14. I love to share plants too. I have shared many a hosta and black eyed susan…and all my lilies of the valley are from a girl I used to work with. Loved this post and the pics!

    1. Ann, I think it is a great way to get new flowers. Why buy when someone is always willing to share.

  15. This is the way to do it. My mama never bought a flower or plant in her life. She swapped plants and got cuttings from friends. Here folks like to sell plants at yard sales and I prefer to give them away.

    1. Olive, I have never seen flowers at garage sales. That sound funny. I agree if you can swap and give them away that is how it should be done. I love everything I got for FREE this year and will be able to share some of mine next year.

    1. Elaine, Thanks for looking. It was fun to do and a big accomplishment to do it for FREE. Can’t wait to get started on the other side now, it looks lopsided with only half of the front landscaped.

  16. Beautiful! Love it! Great idea!

    1. Thank you Tammy, it is exciting to accomplish it for FREE, I think I may even enjoy it more:)

  17. This is just fabulous! Your entire house is fabulous. I swear, I look at this and feel the same way I did so many, many, many years ago when I read all the Laura Ingalls Wilder books. I just wanted to be there! You are truly an inspiration.

    1. And your scene is exactly how I want to live. I tell hubby I just want to live like they did on little house. By ourselves, in our cabin, and fend for ourselves. Those were the good ole’ days:)

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