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Landscaping With Rocks


Landscaping with large rocks as a boarder to a planted areaLandscape IdeasSometimes I just look around and I swear I make more work for myself, and this is one of those projects. I’ve been happy with how our landscaping looks but for some reason I got the crazy notion that adding rocks around this bed would make a world of difference.

Landscape area before Guess what it did! It’s also functional, it give the mulch a resting spot so that it can’t wash out into the yard when we get heavy rains. I knew I wanted to build the low side up to simulate a wall and have the rocks taper down to a single layer from there. 

How to landscape an areas boarders using large rocks Landscaping with Large RocksI was fortunate that hubby was home that morning and helped me lift the extremely heavy ones and get them into place, and he also used the bobcat to scoop them from the field and bring them to the landscape area.

Using Rocks in A Landscape DesignLandscape IdeasHe’s been a stone mason over the years so he has a good eye for seeing how rocks fit together even before they’re placed. That’s a big help, let me tell you. Who wants to lift the same heavy rock over and over again trying to get the right placement, not me.

Landscape Rock BoarderLandscape Ideas Using RocksI thought our landscaping was just the way I like it but apparently I have to much time on my hands and more brilliant ideas keep coming to mine. Hubby asked me if I wanted to add any rocks anywhere else and I said no not now. There are areas I’d like to refresh but I’ll wait until spring to do more work or wait until late fall when it cools down more. 

Landscape IdeasIt was a hot humid morning the day we added these rocks. We worked for about 2 hours and I was dripping wet with sweat. I hate nothing more than being hot and sticky, so I’d had my fill for the day. 

Rustic Landscape IdeasRustic Landscape IdeasI wish everything had been blooming when I took the final photos but I did mange to photoshop one to share with you what the space looks like when the shrubs, clematis, and hydrangeas are in full bloom. It’s an easy way to cheat to get an idea of what it should look like again next season.

Landscape Ideas Using RocksI know I’ve promised to share with you the shed areas exterior decor but so far it’s not quite how I like it. I keep adding things, moving things, and taking aways things. As soon as I get the look right I’ll get a few pics and share it with you all. 

landscape IdeasLandscape Ideas Using Rocks

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  1. Beautiful addition too your yard and well worth the effort!

  2. I love what you have done with the rocks.

    When we moved in 20 years ago, our backyard was filled with rocks. I used them to create a planter in the front and edge the stone patio in the back. I have a bunch more and looking at your post has me thinking of ways I can use all the stones we have left.

  3. Debbie Lorson says:

    Looks awesome Dawn. Adds a totally new dimension to that bed.

  4. cheryl Major says:

    I really like the colour of your rocks. It was a great addition to your flower bed and brought some interest to your flower bed. Great job !

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