Last Minute Christmas Gift You Can Make at Home For Under $5

Do you need a last-minute $5 Christmas gift? Well, it can happen if you have time to drop into a Dollar Tree. I have some obsession with how tea looks in this glass mug. I liked them so much that I bought a few and decided to gift them with a small tea selection and loose-leaf tea infuser.

Handmade Gift: Organic Tea and a Personalized Mug

Here’s how you keep the costs down:

  1. Glass Mug – Dollar Tree – $1.25
  2. Tea – I purchase loose-leaf tea by the pound, picked up just enough for 3 samples of each variety, and paid just about $2 for it all. (You can use tea bags in varieties you already have also) and skip the infuser altogether. Make sure you label the tea with writing on the bag with a Sharpie or Making Labels on the computer.
  3. If loose-leaf tea is what you purchase you will also need to purchase an infuser from Dollar Tree – $1.25
  4. Drop it into a gift bag – Dollar Tree – 3 for $1.25 or cellophane wrapper – Dollar Tree – 2 for $1.25 

If you have a Cricut you can make it extra special by adding a saying to the mug. If not it’s beautiful just the way it is. I know several people attend parties this time of year and like to bring a small hostess gift, or many requests everyone brings a $5 gift and at the end of the night, everyone goes home with something. 

Last Minute Christmas Gift Under $5 Tea

Either way, it’s an easy and expensive last-minute gift idea, and who doesn’t enjoy a warm cup of tea?

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    1. Jeanie, thank you. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas

  1. I need to get some of those small bags to use for garden seeds…I like to share with my Mom (been using envelopes – lol).

    1. Jen, I purchased small natural paper envelopes from Amazon that I use for my seeds. I’m not sure if this is true but I feel like maybe if any seeds are damp being in plastic would make them mold. I seed share with people and like the paper option as well.

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