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Enclose A Deck By Adding Lattice

Adding Lattice to Enclose the Underneath Side of a DeckIt seems like the projects never end around our house, does anyone else have the same issue? We’ve been in the cabin for 6 years now and things still need to be wrapped up. You know all those things that don’t have to happen to make a home liveable but look better once they’re done? 

Adding Lattice to Enclose the Underneath Side of a DeckI was looking for a way to enclose the bottom of the deck that’s off the dining room but didn’t want to block the sunlight from coming in the basement windows. As a last resort lattice was the only option. I’m not a fan of lattice at all but completely enclosing it with tongue and groove lumber would definitely block the sunlight. 

Adding Lattice to Enclose the Underneath Side of a DeckI’m not sure if you’ve looked at lattice lately but now it comes in vinyl and most any color you’re looking for. We went with cedar tone because I felt the dark brown was too dark. It was a quick project to put together, all we needed was 3 panels of lattice and the runner pieces that keep it all in its track. 

Adding Lattice to Enclose the Underneath Side of a DeckAs you can see we did use the tongue and groove lumber at the bottom to fill in the gap. I felt adding more lattice wouldn’t look as good and this way it gave something to screw the runner piece too also, so it worked out perfectly. 

Adding Lattice to Enclose the Underneath Side of a DeckThere’s just enough room underneath the space to fit our 2 quads so it’s going to be used as a parking garage for our toys. I’m so glad to have another project knocked off our list of things to do. 

Adding Lattice to Enclose the Underneath Side of a DeckI do believe if we keep up at this pace we may conquer all those projects before the summer is over. So far we’ve been doing a good job. Did you happen to notice all the dandelions? We have so many bees and I know the bees feed off them so we never spray to kill them. I hoping all those bee decided to pollinate our fruit trees. 

Adding Lattice to Enclose the Underneath Side of a DeckAnd one last pic to show you how pretty our flowering pear tree is. We have 3 on the property and they’re so stunning with all the white blossoms. 



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  1. Kathleen G says:

    Making it neater looking too with a finished look. I hope you do get the list crossed off this summer. You all have been busy as bees:). The tree is gorgeous along with your beautiful shepherd.
    Have a glorious Spring day, Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen you would think someone would invent something classier than lattice for just this purpose. Hmmm I may have to invent that!

  2. My gosh you guys work fast. And I do know what you mean about the projects never coming to an end. We moved into our log home , 14 years ago, and it was not completely finished. Well it is still not finished. Your list for sure must be getting shorter. I love your pear tree …so pretty. I like your enclosed deck..bonus that it holds the toys !!

    1. Cheryl oh no 14 years and still projects to do. I guess that’s what I have to look forward too. I do like having things to do but my hubby has to do the majority of the work and I’m sure he is tired of it.

  3. Dawn, I think it looks really nice and finished. Your tree is beautiful. We had a beautiful one in out front yard that my dad planted for me the first year we were in our log home, sadly, though we lost it to a storm about six years ago. I miss the beautiful showy white blooms. Thanks for sharing yours.

    1. Becky the tree was just loaded with bees feeding off the blooms this year, the whole tree was buzzing 🙂

  4. We are going on 19 years in our house and still have so much to do. It is never ending.

    1. Carol we never did thing to our first house like we do to this one.

  5. Does the deck floor leak rain onto the ‘toys’ below?

    1. Oh ya Dee but not a bad as just sitting out all the time.

  6. Right about the time we get all the projects done in our home – we move! 🙂 The lattice around your deck looks great!

    1. LOL Angie that will probably be the case here too!

  7. The lattice looks great Dawn….and our pear trees were especially beautiful this year…but one hard rain and the blossoms were gone…have a great day!

    1. Shirley, Yes my blooms are gone now too but they are stunning while they bloom and I love the colors the leaves have in the fall.

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