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Laundry Room With Painted Cabinets

THE FIVE THINGS YOU’LL NEED TO CREATE A RUSTIC, COZY, LAUNDRY ROOM WITH PAINTED CABINETS! It’s all part of the Cozy Living Series put together by our wonderful host Jennifer from Town and Country Living. Once you’ve read my post scroll to the bottom and start clicking away at all the other stunning cozy ideas for January! Updating a Laundry Room By Removing the Shelves and Adding Painted Cabinets in Sherwin Williams Privilege Green Our laundry room went through a few changes here lately. I was tired of the open shelves that I felt had to be hidden behind a curtain if they weren’t completely organized and clutter free at all times. So I asked my hubby if he minded putting up cupboards for me instead. As you know my Mom passed away recently and tackling the laundry room would keep my mind and hands busy for a while instead of thinking.


Originally we had open wire shelves (you can see that look here) that I took down and discarded into the recycle pile. Next hubby put up 2 stock cupboards be purchased at Lowes. Not having the time to wait for our Amish builder to make cabinets we decided to purchase them off the shelf.


Rather than buy a new paint color I went with what I had leftover from my kitchen island (you can see that here). There was just enough to give the cabinets two coats of paint, apparently it was meant to be. Are you like me picking a paint color is worse than the actual painting ? I’m glad I went with a color I already liked and it also ties into the rest of the cabin. Laundry Room With Open Shelves and Painted Privilege Green Cabinets


Knowing I’d need at least one open shelf, because let’s face it who’s going to open the cabinets and take care of the laundry detergent every time you use it? Laundry is done constantly in our home so I need easy access to the things I use daily and the overflow can be concealed behind the cupboards. Digging through the wood pile yielded two 1X8’s that got painted with leftover paint also (you can see that color here) making the job super easy with no paint color picking again. I’m on a role here! Hubby put them up after the cupboards were in place. Happy dance I had room for 2 shelves, it filled the space and looked better with two.   Small Laundry Room With Open Shelves and Painted Cabinets in Privilege Green From Sherwin Williams


If stuff has to sit out I at least want it took look organized and pretty. Shopping the house was the most logical place to start and in the pantry I found glass canisters to store my laundry detergent and close-pins in. This space is also the bathroom on the main level and is used the most so making it look neat and tidy was a must. Updating a Laundry Room By Removing the Shelves and Adding Painted Cabinets in Sherwin Williams Privilege Green


Hangers being accessible when doing the laundry is a time saver. I’m the type that hangs things up right out of the dryer and then takes them to everyone’s room. No one wants to do the job twice, especially me, so rods for hangers just had to squeeze in someplace. Between the cabinets two small 12” tension rods can be moved to the desired height whenever I want. Updating a Laundry Room By Removing the Shelves and Adding Painted Cabinets in Sherwin Williams Privilege Green Painted cabinets make the room feel cozier and less industrial in my opinion. After all when I’m in there I don’t want it to feel like the dreaded room that no one wants to enter. When we built the cabin hubby wanted to put the laundry room in the basement. No way was I about to climb up and down two flights of stairs every time I had to wash a load and then back up and down those stairs to dry a load. The laundry needed to be on the main level where I could hear the timer while working in the kitchen. Since I’m the laundry person in this house I found a way to make it work in the the floor plan and I’m so glad I did. As I get older all those stairs would have been a nightmare. Don’t forget to click on the links below to see more cozy ideas that you can incorporate into your home!
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  1. Such a pretty and cozy space for doing laundry! I’m going to show this to my hubby. I like the idea of cabinets above with tension rods in between (I also like to hang stuff up as soon as it comes out of the dryer). Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Jennifer, it’s great to have hubbies who go along with all our redos, right?

  2. This is such a pretty laundry room! Love the color of the cabinets and the handy hanging space in between.

    1. Thanks Susan it’s a great way to hide the detergent overflow.

  3. Looks really nice. My laundry room is WAY down on the list! So I’ll enjoy yours.

    1. Thanks Jeannie I’m so happy ours ended up on the main floor.

  4. Susan the Farm Quilter says:

    Your laundry room looks great! You were so smart to have your laundry on the main floor…my in-laws had to move to accomplish that so my MIL wouldn’t have to go to the basement to do laundry and haul all the clean clothes up the stairs (they did have a laundry chute to get the dirty clothes to the laundry room though). I want my laundry room to look like yours!!

    1. Susan, great memories of us having a laundry shoot when I was growing up, my brother and I would use it as our spy station. LOL

  5. Hi Dawn! We’ve been wanting to redo our laundry/pantry since we moved here 6 years ago… this is very inspiring, thank you for the hanging bar idea and the open shelf and cabinet combo – lets me store the uggo and display the pretty! 🙂

    1. Laurie, I agree some things just need to be hidden in rooms.

  6. What a lovely and cozy spot to do laundry. I love your laundry room at those cabinets are the perfect shade of green. xx

    1. Thanks Danielle after going through several colors in our home I’ve finally figured out green is what works best no matter how much I want white.

  7. love your laundry room…and that color is so pretty. Im like you and need the laundry to be close to the center of the house since I am the only one who apparently knows how to operate the washer and dryer!

    1. Laura, same in our home no one knows how these machines work but me LOL

  8. What a cozy space for doing laundry!! I love that you included space for hangers, I’m the same, things get hung up right out of the dryer. I’m new to your blog, but heading around for a peek at your cozy cabin!!

    1. Thank you for stopping by Debbie, I hope you enjoy a look around our cabin!

  9. Charlene Grider says:

    Dawn I love your laundry room..very inspired by this cause I was just thinking a couple days ago what to do to mine ..it’s time for an update..Was wondering where you got the Laundry picture or sign ..I would love to have one ..:)

    1. Charlene I made the sign on my computer, it’s easy to do you can use the fee site PicMonkey to make one for yourself. If I’d stored it I would have sent you a copy but I didn’t 🙁

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