Lemon Balm for Mosquito’s

We have had one week of warm weather and the mosquito’s are out looking for fresh blood. I think it is going to be a bad summer for them around here, with all the rain we keep having.
 If you don’t like being covered in those off the shelf mosquito repellants give Lemon Balm a try.
It’s all natural and will keep those pesky mosquito’s away from you.
Plant several containers full near any of you entrances.  When you go outside grab a handful of leaves and rub them on any exposed skin.
You’ll have a nice, fresh, lemony smell about you and for some reason mosquito’s don’t like it.
Give it a try!!!



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  1. I just purchased some herbs this weekend to hopefully have a SMALL herb garden. I don’t recall seeing Lemon Balm. Where can I find it? I am a mosquito MAGNET!

  2. WE use something here called Mosquito plant but it is very weedy smelling. I didn’t know the lemon balm would work. Thanks! xo Diana

  3. i will have to look for lemon balm, sounds great and it’s pretty too. 🙂 The kitty is so cute, she looks so content watching the world go by. 🙂

  4. I haven’t noticed mosquitos yet but wasps are everywhere!
    I just told hubby all these bugs this year were gonna be miserable!!

    Happy Monday friend 🙂

  5. OK, I’ve got to go find some today, I got bit last night. Who would have thought we’d be talking mosquitos in the middle of March in Michigan. Thanks for the tip Dawn and the porch looks fabulous.

  6. This is a wonderful tip. When I buy my seeds for herbs I will include this lemon balm. Anything to ward off those pesky little bugs, the better. Take care.

  7. Lemon balm is from the mint family and is pretty invasive and super fast growing. I planted one about 2 years ago and now I have lemon balm growing everywhere-including the cracks of my sidewalks! BUT, it does smell nice and makes a nice tea. I had no idea it was a mosquito repellant-thanks!

  8. Thanks Dawn. I love lemon balm; I’ll be sure to get myself a plant this summer. Spring just starting here: sunny & warm, crocus’ and tulips up and blooming. But I’m sure winter has another nasty surprise in store for us before we can breathe easily!

  9. Well I’ll be dipped in Bandini! Who knew?

  10. I never heard of trying this, but certainly will this summer- if not sooner! We live on the water where mosquitos grow like weeds!

  11. Good tid bit of info here…I did not know about this. I need it though, we are getting bit up already too!

  12. I came by to see what you wore today. I didn’t know it was going to be Lemon Balm! Just kidding. I had no idea that it was a mosquito repellent. I will look for some to plant near the back deck. Thanks for the tip!

  13. Thanks for sharing this about Lemon Balm. I never heard about it before & wondered what it was for. We don’t usually get mosquitos too much, but we’ve had way more rain than usual, too, so this may be the year.

    I’m thinking you are probably making pillows with those cute fun fabrics you bought!
    Have a great weekend!
    xo, Carol

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