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Lilacs, Hens & Chicks, and a Birdhouse

Lilacs | Purple Flower | CreativeCainCabin.comIn the midst of several rain showers I managed to get a few lilacs cut. Im so excited to have them in bloom, I must say they’re my all time favorite flowering bush. I so wish they’d bloom longer than they do, but I will take what I can get. Their scent is heavenly and so intoxicating. If you’ve never had the opportunity to smell lilacs you are missing one of the best things on earth. 

Did you happen to notice the huge bee in the photo? I guess he’s partaking in the sweet nectar while he can. 

Hens & Chicks | CreativeCainCabin.comAnother garden beauty are Hens & Chicks, this is my first year of having them. Grama Red has oodles of them growing in her garden and she shared a bucket full with me this year. I just love the waxy green plant, and admire it’s ability to grow in any situation. Right now I have them planted in an old metal tool box, filled with pea stone. I’ll see how they do this year but they may need to be moved as they multiply.

Birdhouse | CreatuveCainCabin.comDo you ever shop at Tractor Supply? It’s one of my favorite stores, I can always find something I love…..so don’t pass it by…..stop in and see what kind of treasures they have. 

I found this birdhouse at the end of the season last year, and it’s been waiting in my office (the spot everything seems to gather) for just the right place to hang it. My weeping cherry tree died, and it’s a spot in the garden that needs some height so the birdhouse on a shepherd’s hook was the perfect solution. Not only have I filled the hole, I’ve given the birds a new place to take up housekeeping. 

With it right off my deck, I can sit and watch all the happenings going on inside. Come back later this week and see my deck all decorated for summer. 


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  1. We are on the same page. I purchased hens & chicks for the first time this past weekend and planted then in a yellow colander that was rusting. Like you though, I will have to repot them if they multiply.

    Your lilacs are beautiful.

    1. Windi, Im not sure how fast they’ll multiply if they are contained. I will have to ask my Gram.

  2. So you plant the hens and chicks in pea stone?….I wonder if that works if other succulents?…I never know the right amount of water to give them..tend to over water them….Love, love the lilacs Dawn….Have a great day!

    1. Shirly, my gram told me they like the peastone best so I went with what she told me. Im not good with knowing how much to water too I guess I will have to experiment over the summer.

  3. Our lilac is heavenly – I wander over and inhale that scent several times a day! I just bought a hens and chicks – the one I had in the garden didn’t make it through the winter. Fingers crossed for this one!

    1. Claudia, I thought they were almost impossible to kill, my grams spread every year.

    2. Nancy Blue Moon says:

      Claudia..Don’t assume your hens and chicks are dead just because of how they look after the Winter season..my outside ones look awful after Winter but they come back beautifully..I don’t do a thing to them..just let them alone and they will take care of themselves..if you pulled it and still have it..try putting it back and see if it revives for you..or try it in a planter..

  4. I so wish I had lilacs…yours are lovely. Looking forward to seeing your porch!

    1. Ann, you should plant a lilac bush at your place.

  5. Love lilacs!!!! Love Tractor Supply!!!!!!
    XO Kris

  6. Kathleen G says:

    Good morning Dawn, I’m sure you’re reveling with a bit of spring your way. I would love to have a lilac bush. If fact, reading some of my favorite blogs, everyone is showing beautiful flowers and everything is green! Happy Spring! Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen, you need to move further east so you can grow lilacs. They are heavenly 🙂

    1. Carol, yes you do. I bet they don’t grow in your climate though. I think they need the winter to go dormant.

    1. Pam, I always just dig up the suckers and replant I’ve never tried to start mine own.

  7. I love the birdhouse, I’m going to have to stop at our Tractor Supply, my hubs loves that place!

    1. Rondell, I happened to see the same one at TJMaxx this week too 🙂

  8. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    The lady I bought this house from left me a strawberry planter full of Hens and Chicks..It sits out back on the garden wall and I never do anything to it..Mother Nature seems to take care of it for me..It survives any weather and comes back beautiful..plus I have filled other planters with it’s “chicks”..We do have a Tractor Supply store here..they have some great mark downs on cute things like your birdhouse Dawn..

    1. Nancy,thanks for the advice. I love things that I don’t have to fuss over, so it sounds like I will get along nicely with the hens & chicks 🙂

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