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Linen Bedding


Linen Bedding, Farmhouse Linen, Vintage Linen, Sewing With Linen

Linen: what I know about it is absolutely nothing, except I’m in love! Have you ever heard anyone say once you’ve slept on linen sheets nothing else will ever do? 

In my quest to see what all the hype was about I decided to order a few yards of linen to make an apron and pillow cases from. The apron still hasn’t happened but I did manage to make linen pillow cases and shams for our master bedroom. I must say they are heavenly and them more I wash them the softer they get.

We normally sleep on flannel sheets in the winter but I started doing some reading on linen and kept seeing it’s cooling in the summer and warming in the winter. Well to me it sounds like the perfect fabric for sheets. I like to keep two sets of sheet for our bed and at the end of every season they get disposed of and I purchase another set when I see them on clearance and always from Garnett Hill.

Linen Bedding, Farmhouse Linen, Vintage Linen, Sewing With Linen

It’s that time of year when winter sheets are on clearance so I decided to try linen instead of flannel this time. After doing much reading I know I wanted 100% linen not a combination of linen and cotton. I received my Garnett Hill flyer in the mail (perfect timing right) with the winter sheet clearance going on. 

I seriously think my phone or computer is reading my mind at times. From experience I know markdowns from Garnett Hill don’t last long so I hopped online and ordered a set of king size linen sheets. My hopes were for a more neutral colored pair but no such luck, I was to late. 

Linen Bedding, Farmhouse Linen, Vintage Linen, Sewing With Linen

Rather than pass up such a good deal I went with the ocean blue set. I was hoping it was closer to a gray, green but nope the color on the computer screen was exactly right. It wouldn’t be my first choice but I’m going to learn to love them. After all no one sees them but hubby and I, oh and you all now. 

I washed them twice before putting them on our bed. Wow do they create a lot of lint and I’m amazed at how heavy and stiff they are when wet, but I know that’s all part of linen. Once dry they’re light weight and soft again though. Just to let you know hubby doesn’t care what he sleeps on so he’s not in love like I am.

Linen Bedding, Farmhouse Linen, Vintage Linen, Sewing With Linen

Every week when I wash the sheets and put them back on the bed I say to him isn’t it so nice to crawl into bed with nice clean sheets? He says sure but what he really means is he couldn’t care less. I on the other hand just love the feel of clean freshly washed sheets. 

I did notice they don’t fit as tightly a the sheets I’m used to so I’m not sure if that’s just a linen thing or maybe these run a little bigger than I’m used to. 

I’ll have to put a reminder on my phone to get my order in a little earlier next year and maybe I’ll get the color I actually want. Or maybe these will hold up so well I won’t have to replace them as soon. I’m anxious to see how they wash up and wear over time. 

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  1. I like my flannel sheets year round because our old house can be cold at night no matter the season. But, you have me wanting to try linen sheets. I guess I’ll pay attention when my next Garnet Hill catalog arrives.

    1. Carol, my son likes flannel year round too. I just purchased another set from Garnet Hill with raw edges in the color I wanted (they ran a sale) and I have them on the bed this week. I’ll see what brand holds up better and which one we like better. Hubby won’t care but I will!

  2. WHY do you dispose of them at the end of the season?

    1. Donna, they’re just worn out and in need of being replace.

  3. Kathleen G says:

    They do sound heavenly Dawn. Will you use the linen in the summer? I have two sets of flannels for winter, rotate them and two sets of cotton for summer, rotate them too. My mom told me to do that so you don’t wear them out. I miss percale, they feel fresh and crisp, especially in the summer, hot here. But my husband prefer what we have, because he does notice and I’ll tell you this, he loves fresh sheets:)
    Yes, let us know how they wear.
    Kathleen in Az
    We have a queen and some of sheets are a bit big, but I think it’s to do with the size of mattress?

    1. Kathleen, My plan is to use them year round. I did end up purchasing another set and will rotate them too. We have an IKEA matress and you’re right it’s not as thick as my last matress. Probably why my sheets are baggy….smart thinking girl!

  4. Well you just must be reading my mind! I too, have been wondering about linen sheets and now reading how you love them, I think I’m ready to order a pair of pure linen sheets. Here in the great frozen north east, we have flannel on our bed currently (with an electric blanket too no less)…and don’t have the store you purchased your sheets from…but I’m sure I can find them on a Canadian website. I’m so happy to read you really love your sheets…gives me the push I needed to try them too!

    1. Charlotte, there’s many sites on Etsy that cary them too. I browsed there first and actually had things in my cart but changed my mind when my Garnett Hill flyer came. I think the more I wash them the better they get. I really love the crumpled look they have too, it just seems cozy to me.

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