Linen Closet Organization

I am embarrassed to even show you all this, but I guess the truth hurts:(
I have a 12 foot linen closet and it looks like I just opened the doors and threw everything in.
 Here is how it looks after about an hour of cleaning.
I designated one half as a craft closet and kept the other half a linen closet.
I feel so much better now.  The before look was stressing me out.

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  1. Dawn, you have been busy…looks so good,you have room for your area rugs,I think that has really stood out to me,I’ve never had extra’s,I’ve always just used ’em,cleaned ’em,and wore ’em out,then throw away buy new.You have given me another great idea,do you take ’em to the cleaners then store them in the closet?And do you change ’em out for each season.

  2. You put me to shame Dawn and I’m also jealous. I think my linen closet is less than 30″ wide.

  3. Boy are you organized – well I always thought you were because your posts are so great. I look forward to your posts.
    – Joy

  4. Perfect! {all my closets look like your ‘before’ right now.. :D} Thank you, once again, for wonderful inspiration. Enjoy the weekend!! -Tammy

  5. I think it’s one of the best feelings to organize the linen closet and make it look so neat and tidy. You did a great job with yours.

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