Living Room in a Log Home

Welcome to our living room tour.
First we live in a log home we built ourselves.  It took 5 years, but well worth it.  The home is Eco Friendly, all products made in the USA and the logs and wood were purchased from a local saw mill.  The best part about it is we paid “Cash” nothing better than living debt free.
Now on to the tour:
 This home is so easy to arrange furniture in, there are so many possibilities and I take advantage of them all.  I normally rearrange furniture twice a week.
The sofa and chairs are the JCPenny Linden Street slip-covered line.  I pondered over where to purchase from: Pottery Barn, Ballard, of JCPenny.  Price won out, but when the delivery truck arrived my furniture was on a Pottery Barn truck, so I think the same manufacture makes for all three and just sells under different names.  I have since learned all three stores slip covers are interchangeable.  After learning that, I am sure it is all the same stuff. I have several colors of the covers and change the out when I tire of one color.  They are also washable, just make sure you put them on when they are wet, or they will never fit.

The curtains are fabric purchased from  I use the clips at the top to attach them to the rod and use carpet tape at the bottom as my method for hemming.  

The walls are still undecorated.  With the ceiling height (25ft.) making it difficult to find the right pieces, most thing look to small for the space.  

The front door leads to the porch build and the porch reveal.

 The cabinet to the right hides our tv.

The stairs to the loft where the master bedroom is located.

Here is that huge wall space, that I was talking about.  Any ideas on how to decorate it???  What I really want is a huge old metal sign, that is rusted and has chippy paint, but I haven’t found one to fit my budget yet.

Thank you for dropping by and if you missed the kitchen tour you can find it here.

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  1. Dawn, this is so adorable with the checked drapes and the plaid tablecloth and the denim chair slips. I have the PB sofa and dry my slips most of the way and put them back on dry damp. I did not know those three companies were interchangeable. Nice to know. I think a big old sign would look great. Don’t worry about filling the whole tall wall though. Just bring the eye down with things hung lower if you can’t find a big sign.

  2. Your home is lovely, Dawn. I adore wood and the light and bright colours really make it work. Denim is my favourite fabric and I hope to once day soon have denim slips again (I made some years ago for a couch and loveseat that have been replaced.) For that gorgeous tall wall, definitely something big up there. I have seen once where someone hung the metal blade part of an old windmill.

  3. Love your home. Awesome to have so many options for arranging furniture and accessories.

  4. Hey Dawn, such a pretty and comfortable home, you must love it! I don’t think you have to worry about covering the wall all the way up, maybe not past that window. And old screen door would look cool too. As for a sign, have you thought about making something that looks old. Funky Junk has a great tutorial telling you how to do that. I can just see it with that green AS paint you used!

  5. What kind of sign would you like? I see a lot of metal advertising signs (vintage) at the auction I go to each Monday. Hmm, I could be your picker! A red Texaco sign would be awesome!

  6. Look great Dawn! I love the choice of sofa; especially since you can change pillow/colors out with different holidays or seasons!

  7. What a wonderful home you have! So colorful and cozy!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  8. I don’t even know what to address first! The beautiful plaid curtains, the cozy denim sofa…the entire home is so warm and inviting! And that tip on the sofas is wonderful. I will be buying new furniture soon. Thank you so much!

    Do we get to see the porch soon? 🙂

  9. Your home is so bright and cheerful! We have been shopping for a log home for at least a year now, and they can be so dark inside. Love the primary colors you used to decorate.

  10. Its pretty early in the morning to be swooning but I sure am, your home is just beautiful Dawn. The buffalo plaid on the curtains stand out in such a comfy way and I love the info on the furniture being delivered in a PB truck. Looking forward to seeing how cozy your home will look when decorated for the holidays.

  11. Really love your cabin!! I especially love the fact you can rearrange the furniture. I’m stuck with one way and it drives me crazy!! Your home is beautiful and the touches you’ve made make it very cozy. Your blog name is so appropriate!! Thanks for sharing your home with us today!

  12. I love everything about your sweet cabin! Have you thought about hanging a quilt up there on the big wall? Easy to change out with the seasons, if you can find them at estate sales, etc. They might be cheaper than the metal sign and easier to find too! Love all the cheery colors you use…well done!

  13. wow, I would love to come visit, and see it for real!! I know you probably don’t want to hear this, but the deer really suits the room, and looks like it belongs there.

  14. I agree with Mary Beth, and quilt would look great, and suit the homey comfy feel you have going on

  15. So Beautiful!!! I love your house, your walls are really pretty unadorned. Wood is so interesting looking with it’s different colors and knots, that it really doesn’t look bare. But, an old rusted metal sign would be gorgeous, too! My neighbor has a huge old sign that sits in his garage, it has a Canadian and an American flag on it that I would love to have if I had walls like yours. But, I don’t, so I don’t need it! =)
    I love that you can change out your slip covers, and that you change your furniture around twice a week. I have finally found someone who does it more often than I do, that makes me feel so good!! I change pillows out often, and that gives me a different look.
    Your home is so colorful and cheerful looking. You have a happy looking house!
    Hugs, cindy

  16. Good morning friend! Oh how I love your home! It is filled with country charm and I spotted so many things I love. I did see pupper looking out the window in first shot. I love the slipcovered furniture! Good shoppah! I love the antique pully on a shelf. The tin star on the cupboard. The buffalo check curtains! The overall comfy feel of the whole space! Just love it. I have very tall vaulted ceiling in my family room, and on the tall wall above the sofa, I hung a favorite quilt that I made. It is the right color and takes over a huge space. I have never tired of it. You may look for something like that, and it would fit with your cabin home! Now I am going to go see more of your kitchen!
    XO Kris

  17. I am back again. I have this to say about your kitchen. HOW..did I MISS that post? It was just the other day? Wow, I love it. Love, love, love it! Just perfect in every way. There are far too many things I would have to comment on, so let me just say this, PERFECTION!!!

  18. Sweetie, your home is so very warm and inviting. You’ve done a fantastic job of makin’ it quite charmin’!!!

    ‘Just perfect!!!

    God bless and have a fantastic week!!! :o)

  19. Everything is just so homey. I love the slip covers, the curtain panels and the white accents. I am in the process of making curtain panels for my living and dining rooms…I sure never thought of carpet tape! Pretty brilliant…can’t wait to see it decorated for Christmas. Do you get a giant, tall tree?

  20. Log cabin of our own is a dream of my hubbys. Maybe one day. Yours is lovely!

    Thanks for sharing 😀
    Visiting from SavvySouthernStyle’s WOW Linky Party,
    Suzanne in NW IL

  21. Your home is beautiful, Dawn! We once lived in a house that seemed to “swallow” whatever I put in it because the ceilings were so high, but I finally learned that the sheer volume of the room sometimes stands for itself, although I agree that a huge old sign would be very interesting and unusual. Please, please, please tell me about carpet tape on your curtains! Happy Thanksgiving!

  22. It doesn’t get any better than that! A log cabin, lovely wood, that red and white curtain fabric to die for and all paid debt! I enjoyed the tour! Love the idea of a big rusty sign…even thought of a big ol’ bear skin! It is perfect just the way it is, because the grain of the wood is so beautiful! Thanks for the peek! Christie at threepixielane Coming over from WOW us Wed!

  23. Love it! I want one! 🙂 About the large wall and future metal sign. You could totally design and paint one. I found a large metal sign in the trash, and plan to repaint it. Just have to come up with that perfect design. I just painted a pallet board sign for my son’s girlfriend.. and was amazed at how good it turned out. I thought I couldn’t paint! lol. Thanks for the house tour. It is gorgeous in every way, and kudos for building it the way you did and staying debt-free. We are believers in that system too! -Tammy

  24. This is so cozy and warm and inviting, and I LOVE all the colors—subtle but bright and friendly, too. I’ve been a log cabin fan since my days of reading Laura Ingalls Wilder. Your lovely home made me think of that:-)

  25. Your home is so cozy, and I love all the light that comes in your windows! I would love to someday have furniture like yours, they look so comfy and yet easy to clean!

    I also am eyeing your big white star. I have one like it only mine is red. I have been wanting to paint mine white; I had mine in my mudroom before I redid it and now I am not liking the red. I really like yours, is it white white or more creamy white?

    Take care Dawn!


  26. Beautiful! I love your combination of old and new, sleek and rustic. Such a beautiful home and wonderfully styled to live in. And, a hand built home. Way to go!!
    Karah @ thespacebetweenblog

  27. Very charming! I’m jealous of your ability to rearrange furniture once a week!!
    Thanks for sharing at Show & Share!

  28. hello Dawn, I follow your blog and enjoyed the home tour! I am impressed with all of your diy projects and frugal lifestyle! I read the comments on decorating your tall wall, I love the idea of an old sign or quilt! I was thinking maybe a cluster of old windows would look pretty and reflect light, or even old doors. Just a thought : ). P.S. I enjoy your WIWW posts too! BTW where do you live? I am in Springfield Missouri and we have a lot of log homes around here…

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