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Living Room with White Slipcovered Furniture

After Christmas I always like to start with a clean slate.  I feel like all that decor gathers dust and I am ready for a good cleaning. Our Cabin always feels clean when I switch to the White Slipcovers.
Sit back and tour the living room with
her White Slip-covered furniture…
 Here’s a list of where the items were purchased:
Sofa and Chairs – JCPenny Linden Street Edition
White Slip Covers – JCPenny Lilnden Street Edition
Large Grain Sack Pillow on Sofa – Flea Market Indiana
Throw Pillows – All made by Me
Round Yellow Table – Thrifted
White Table – Flea Market Indiana
Galvanized Organizer – Flea Market Indiana
Pepsi Crate – Flea Market Indiana
Hires Crate – Flea Market Indiana
Blue Mason Jars – Garage Sales
Green and White Tablecloth – Garage Sale
Ladder – Thrifted
Green Tool Box – Thrifted
Large White Star – Flea Market Indiana
Child’s Cash Register – Thrifted
Red and White Area Rug – World Market
Deer Head – Hubby Shot
Grapevine Lamp – TJMaxx
Iron Lamp – Menards
Green Doily – Blog Friend Jean
Vintage Winnebago – Thrifted
Red and White Buffalo Check Curtains – Made by Me
I love all the homes out there done in all white. This is as close as I can come without painting our log walls, which will never happen, and I still like having the Farm House Style.

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  1. Of course, you can pull off the white. It was hard for me to notice it, though, with all the other goodies going on in your living room! 🙂
    Farmhouse hugs,

  2. Dawn,
    OMG!!!! It came out so nice. I love the white slipcover and the pops of color. It looks so cozy. I think the white slips with the wood in your walls is so pretty. All very natural and cozy. Great job. I love your red and white check drapes too.

  3. When I get back from my beach walk this morning, I am heading over to your house with my iPad to tuck my legs beneath me and read in the chair. Your room is so welcoming and looks relaxing.

    I made white slipcovers last summer and I have to keep a quilt on the sofa because the dog thinks it is hers and could care less that she leaves hair all over it.

    Have a lovely Sunday.

  4. It most definitely pulls off the white look and may look even better against those awesome wood walls! Great job!

  5. You blow me away, Dawn! Oh, I wish I had a tiny log cabin. I’ve already pinned those chair, I want you to know!

  6. ADORE the white slipcovers. They look fresh, clean and the perfect Farmhouse backdrop for all your colors. Do you ever submit your pics to Dwellinggawker? If not you should start. :o)

  7. I love your white slipcovers!! The red, and white looks so pretty. I love your curtains too.


  8. I need some help closing my yaw. How cute! I love every inch of your living room. I think I see some of my old toys. Please check to see if my old troll doll with rainbow hair is stuck in the camper=) I have that same table square in red, but I like your green one. Looks like a sunny day there. Enjoy all that beautiful sunshine in your adorable new living room.

  9. Oh how I love your gorgeous wood walls and floors! Dawn, your living room is always lovely and the white slips look lovely with your fun and vintage colour accents. Love love the aqua jars on the ladder! I have resold two ladders I picked up but I am keeping the next one!

  10. Come give my house a clean slate, it really needs a clean and cute something like yours right about now!


  11. I love your white slip covers with the pops of color in pillows and accessories. In fact, I much prefer your look to all the solid white that seems to be going around. Color is just too much fun!

  12. I want it ALL!! Love your “Fresh” style after Christmas…and red still pops….with the wood walls and white covers…love it, just love it!! I’d love to own a real cabin….so I decorate our home …like a cabin….and YES I too have red and white checkered curtains!!
    There are some pics on my blog…Mel’s Designs ‘n Harmony….and I’m on Facebook too…with more sewing projects….
    I’ll check in more often and see what you’ve been up too….I’ve been a follower for a couple of years now….

  13. This is a beautiful clean look. I love it all. That galvanized organizer is great! I want to go the Indiana flea market!!

  14. I just love this beautiful bright and cheery room! The white slipcovers looks so good with the wonderful cabin walls! The red and white is a perfect punch of happy color. You have such a great eye for adding all the decorative touches and pillows. I could live in your cabin!

  15. I love the white slipcovers. I also love that you post so many pictures with all the different angels. The checked draperies are so cheerful.
    Love the changes you’ve made and all the colorful accents pieces.

  16. I tried to comment yesterday from my ipad, but couldn’t. May have had something to do with being in the mountains. Anyway..I adore the white slipcovers. I love them when they fit so snug and nice, like yours. Also, love that it changes the whole look of your room.
    Love that crochet pillow too!!
    xo Kris

  17. This is just a wonderful, fresh look. I want every single thing that I see here! Makes me realize that I need to finish my crochet granny square pillows too. Love love love it all!
    xo, Andrea

  18. Don’t change a thing, Dawn! It is fabulous and perfect! The white brightens the room but the pops of color brings the room alive! I absolutely love your style–and this room!

  19. I agree with Dru! Don’t change a thing…It all looks so fresh and clean. I like the way the white slipcovers pop alongside your dark wood walls. I think it’s a perfect compliment!
    Thanks for sharing…I love each and every sweet detail!
    Carolynn xoxo

  20. HI Dawn! O, everything is so pretty at your cabin! Love the way your decorate and your style! Your white slipcovers look wonderful and so crisp and comfy! I wanna come over! 🙂
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia 😉

  21. What a breath of fresh air! I love the white! It makes all the wood look even more beautiful, and all the other colors even more cheerful. I’m dreaming of white slip-covered furniture some day….


  22. Yes! You *have already* pulled it off! Seriously, I’m moving in.. lol. I SO love your house inside and out, and your sense of style. Perfection! A nice touch to change things up a bit ♥ -Tammy

  23. Dawn
    I love the white slipcovers. And I especially like that you’ve added color with your granny square pillow and all your sweet vignettes!
    You always do a great job decorating!

  24. The white is perfect! I really enjoyed all these photos-looks like a magazine! Love it 🙂

  25. seriously love it all so much! the perfect combo of cottage charm and color…swoon! love that 90% of it is thrifted, flea marketed and handmade too!

  26. You can soooo pull off the white!!! This room is very charming…love all your touches:) Thanks for sharing at my party.


  27. LOVE it all! Where do you live again, ’cause I wanna come for a visit, lol! I love the ladder tucked in the corner with all the canning jars, great way to display your collection!

  28. These slipcovers are EXACTLY what I’ve been searching for! I too have a log home and I’ve been wanting to lighten things up and cover our leather sofa and chair. Thank you for including the resource list. I’m heading to JC Penney now. Fingers crossed they still have them!

  29. Dawn, I found them, but they seem to only be in a striped pattern. Did you purchase these recently? Any info you can provide would be much appreciated!

  30. So glad I found this. I wanted a shipping container home for our retirement, but my husband wants to build a little house- with wood plank walls. Knowing I won’t get my way, I was afraid I’d have to live out my golden years in a dark den, but your white-on-wood look gives me much hope! Thanks for sharing!

  31. Amazing Dawn. Truly amazing. Love.those.pillows!!!!!!!

  32. Happy Country Whites Weekend! Thank you kindly for embracing your country whites and sharing at the party.
    Farmhouse hugs,

  33. LOVIN those slipcovers. They sure brighten up your cozy room. And that little yellow round table in front of the sofa…too cute!!! I wish I could move in. Your style is so warm and inviting and comfy!! Love it!
    Mary Alice

  34. Love your slipcovers and all the inspiration in this space. Wonderful.
    Happy Decorating. Hugs, Celestina Marie

  35. I wouldn’t change a thing!! I love the white slipcovers with the pops of color. It looks so inviting and cozy. I love the whites with the wood…so pretty!!

  36. I LOVE cabins, and yours is one of the coziest and freshest I’ve ever seen. 🙂

  37. So fresh and clean looking! I love all of your decor! You have such a talent for decorating! Thanks for sharing in this week’s Rustic Restoration Weekend!

  38. I love every bit of it, and the answer is YES!! The white slipcovers against the warm wood walls look fabulous. Of course, your choice of accessories is what makes the room shine. Love the pillows and vintage linens!!

  39. Love this! So bright and cheery. The slip covers look great. Did you make them yourself? If so, great job! Hopped over from country whites features.

  40. I am in love with the white slipcovers! It looks so awesome up against all the beautiful wood in your home. I saw your feature on Old Time Farmhouse and had to click over for more. I love your style!


  41. Oh yes your room with the white slips is so beautiful!
    Love all the accents. Makes me want to make a granny square pillow…..

  42. What a beautiful room indeed! A new follower, here. And I am really enjoying all of your decorative ideas. sure got my attention!!!

  43. They have their own line of custom furniture which can be made to your own dimensions

  44. Hi,I have the same sofa but my slipcovers are in “natural” and yours appear to be whiter in color than mine…How did you get yours this shade ? thanks and love your cabin!!!

    1. Wendy, mine are natural too but have had several washings over that last 5 years. I do wash them with oxyclean so that may have lightened them up some 🙂

      1. Hi, Dawn. I have this sofa set as well. I have been taking them to the dry cleaners, but would like to try and clean them at home. How do you wash yours? Any tips would be much appreciated.

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