Log Home Build Using Telephone Poles

Log Cabin Built From Telephone Poles We had such a nice weekend here in Michigan, temps were in the 50 and 60, and yes that’s a heat wave this time of year here. People were even out in shorts, I was not one of them though I still needed pants and a flannel shirt.

Anyway hubby and I decided to spend some time outdoors and get a little fresh air. He remembered driving by an old log cabin this winter while he was traveling and we decided to set out on an adventure to see if we could find it again.

Well guess what, we did or I should say he did. I have no idea how he can take back country roads to get places and then find where he’s been again but he can. He travels all over the US for his job and never needs a GPS to get anywhere. Shoot I loose my car in a parking lot some times. 

Log Cabin Built From Telephone Poles Isn’t it just a darling little place? We peeked in all the windows (this isn’t someones home) to see how the inside was furnished, but all that was there was some things being stored. I thought our place was rustic but this place is way more rustic than ours. This is something straight from the early days on the prairie.

After I snapped a few photos on the porch I went out back to look at the cute garden plot the place had, which was also very rustic in it’s fence construction. I didn’t even notice untill hubby pointed it out that the  house was made from telephone poles. Yep he was right, that’s exactly what the place was made from. 

Log Cabin Built From Telephone Poles What a brilliant idea I thought, in our neck of the woods you can get telephone poles for free. What a great way to build a hunting lodge or even a home if you could get enough of them. I decided to google it and it’s a THING, people collect them and built their home for almost nothing. I wish we’d have thought of that. The only concern would be you’d have to get the ones that hadn’t been treaded with creosol, I don’t believe that would be healthy to breath in.

It was a fun day spent with my hubby, he even took me to lunch and we visited a place that’s making sushi while you watch. I’m glad we decided to take a little road trip it was worth the search. 

Log Home Build Using Free Materials - Telephone Poles


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  1. So darn cute!! To know it is in our state of Michigan makes it more special!!

    1. Jeanie I’m surprised by how many log homes there are in lower Michigan I know they have them in the UP but I guess there also popular where I’m at.

  2. I really like this idea, too. My husband travels for his work and is like your husband in being able to get around anywhere…and I’m like you – I can get lost so easily, even in parking lots. Lol. I’m enjoying the warm temps that have continued this week.

    1. P.S. Hubby and I took our first motorcycle ride of the year on Saturday – it felts chilly riding so we didn’t go too far. He’s been riding some every day since. 🙂

      1. Jen AWESOME my hubby golfed and wore shorts, but now we’re back to winter clothes. I knew it was to good to be true.

    2. Jen I wish we’d have been smart and collected these to build our home with.

  3. Debbie Lorson says:

    That was a nice little adventure for the day. Hopefully you can go back and see if the garden has been planted. Enjoy your weekend.

    1. Debbie what a great idea to go back and check on the garden. It was such a cute home. I’d love to downsize to something like it, but hubby still likes the size of our home.

  4. Diane Brown says:

    how about the crersote factor? I don’t think that would be healthy for anybody.

    1. Diane these didn’t seem to have it on them, I wondering if they’re so old that maybe it wasn’t done then.

  5. These poles are soaked in multiple poisons,(Literally). Not just creosote, that is only one of multiple methods used to extend the life. I was going to use these as a structure for my kids raised play house and a boarder for the area, they are really cheap and now I know why… The old wood still off gases and leaches in the soil. Raised garden beds are out of the question too.. The effects are staggering from cancer to endocrine disruption, and probably many more.
    My hope is that you read this comment and it sparks a new subject to read about and something new to write about.

  6. Chris Shivery says:

    Your very lucky you did not get arrested for trespassing.

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