Log Homes and Slave Homes of Franklin Tennessee

For those of you who don’t know…. I live in a log home and love to look at the construction and style of other log homes.
Here are some that I was able to photograph while in Franklin Tennessee.
This home was unique in that it was built with huge, 3 foot logs.
This log home was slave quarters during the Civil War.
Another slave home located near the Plantation home. 
This little house is just darling and reminds me of a modern day duplex.
 This is a portion of the fort built on the river, used by the military, to protect Nashville Tennessee.
 and Here is another portion of the fort.
I learned all log homes are constructed about the same way, no matter whether they were built before or after the Civil War.  Mine included…..
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  1. My dream is to one day move a little log cabin onto our property to go with our stone house. I just think they are so charming and love the history :o)
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. Dawn….I didn’t even think about you maybe wanting to see my parent’s 200+ log cabin! Duh! Our property was a campsite for soldiers during the battle of Franklin. Next time you come thru, I’ll have to meet you and show you the house!

  3. What a wealth of beauty and history. I am jealous. We don’t have the old historical places here on the west coast that you have in the east. A few things but not as much. Thanks so much for sharing your trip.

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  5. Yes, they look lovely. But can we put some color on it? Don’t get me wrong, it’s already nice but I just want to add some colors on it.
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