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Look What a 25¢ Packet Of Seeds Can Produce

Growing Flowers From Seed

Hi all, today I’m going to share with you how I saved hundreds of dollars on flowers last year.

Everything in the world is getting more and more expensive by the day. For me spending $400 on annuals, (what they’ve cost in past years) to decorate the cabins porch and landscape just wasn’t in my budget. I really felt it was an unnecessary expense that seemed frivolous and out of line. 

So last year I decided to experiment with some cheap Dollar Store seeds. I picked up $5 worth, 20 packets in a variety of annuals. Now these probably wouldn’t have been my first choice for flowers if I had the option to pick from everything a nursery has but I was looking for a budget friendly options so I’d make do.

Growing Flowers From Seed

I’m lucky and have the ability to start my seeds indoor a couple of months before planting season. You can read about how I do that, what I use, and how I use ordinary lights as grow lights here. That being said if I had to do it all over again I wouldn’t start the flower seeds inside. 

I have found directly sewing them into the soil works just as good, the germination rate is the same, and yes they bloom within days of the early indoor starts. Mother Nature just has a way of doing that.

Growing Flowers From Seed

All the Wave Petunias you see in my pots and landscape came from those 25¢ flower packets. AMAZING, right? All I did all summer long was water them when they needed it, I didn’t even add fertilizer last year. I was being very frugal. 

I must say I was extremely happy with the outcome. Now this year I will directly sew the seeds into the pots once frost has passed. I will also mix a few different varieties of flower to see how well they do. I know I like the look of a planned and placed flower arrangement but for the cost saving this is a big thumbs up to me. 

Growing Flowers From Seed

I can’t wait to see what comes from this years planting and I’m relieved that I can enjoy beautiful flowers without the hefty expense. Each pot contains one packet of seeds. This will now be my forever way of adding a pop of color to the cabin. 

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  1. Beautiful, Dawn! And nothing is more exciting than seeing those little sprouts come up 😉

    1. Ali, I agree it makes me happy to know I can grow with such inexpensive seed packets!

  2. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    Wow..that’s a pretty good return on 25 cents!

    1. Nancy, I was quite happy with how well they did.

  3. Thanks so much for my cosmo seeds……….
    What a wonderful gift.

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