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How To Make An Abacus Exercise Lap Counting Bracelet

How to Make An Abacus Exercise Lap Counting Bracelet | DIY Tutorial | Creative Cain CabinThis was a well needed item to keep track of my laps at the track. Everyday while I walked I also chatted with my walking buddies and lost track of how far we had went. Well it drove me crazy so I decided to come up with a way to keep track of my laps. So the counting bracelet was designed. I knew such a thing existed for golfing to keep track of your strokes so why not one for exercise? My bracelet is a 2 mile counting system, that’s really all the beads my wrist could support as you can see it fills up the whole area. If you are walking on something other than a track you can estimate every five minutes is a 1/4 mile and one move of a bead. If I didn’t talk so much I would be able to keep track in my head, but what fun would that be? The time goes so fast when I’m chatting. 

How to Make An Abacus Exercise Lap Counting Bracelet | DIY Tutorial | Creative Cain CabinWhat you need: 2 strands of elastic jewelry cord, 8 beads with holes big enough for the elastic, and glue for the knots. Just follow the diagram above to make your bracelet. I use my thumb and first finger to move the beads and because of how their strung they stay separated and in place making it easy to keep count. So far I’m down 23 pounds, and looking forward to losing more. My fitbit and counting bracelet keep me on track. 



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    1. Thanks Kris, It looks like something for a little kid but it works.

      1. J.W. King says:

        Thank you for getting me started!
        Instead of using 2 separate strains of cord, string or elastic band, I fold it.
        I tie the knot after measuring around wrist. Glue ends or use clips (course front or end clasp has to go on cord first).
        Thank you so much, you were very helpful.
        Oh, to be used as a wrist, score counter for Pickleball.

    1. Thank you Susan it was something that needed to be done.

    1. Linda it looks like we both need the same bracelet for different tasks. Love yours 🙂

  1. Wilson Woodburn says:

    Can you explain how the counter works? Do you have a video? I am leading a children’s run club and looking for ways to count laps that don’t involve rubber bands or holding on to something while they run. I assume you shift a bead to mark a completed lap but to where do you move it and how does it stay in place?

  2. Hi! Can you please explain how you actually count on this? Thanks!

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