Make Ahead Bread Mix

Have you ever had one of those moments where you said to yourself, “How could I have been so stupid?”  Well here is my stupid moment.
 I bake bread at least twice a week in our home.  Every time I make a loaf I have to drag out all the ingredients.  
Well how stupid was that???
I decided to make less work for myself and create the mess once every three months instead of twice a week.
 I gathered up all the ingredients and started filling zip lock backs like an assembly line.
Now I have enough mixes prepared to last about 3 months, all I have to do is add the wet ingredients.
So glad I am over that stupid moment.  
Do you have any kitchen tricks that make your baking easier?

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  1. love love love the tut’s
    the bread o my how industrial
    the mame for your blog,love do you catch the reason…Cain
    and the concrete counter top,I would love to do when we redo our deck
    you have a newbie now following you

  2. You are so not stupid! This is a brilliant idea. Sometimes I do this sort of thing but only a day ahead. Not 3 months! Hope you had a lovely Easter…Ann

  3. I have a great suggestion for your next post: tell us how you create this mix and what you do with it when you want to bake it! Isn’t that a brilliant idea!

  4. Dawn, You are a smart one!!! At least you had that light bulb moment!I love rye bread. I can imagine how good your home must smell when you are baking! YUMMY!

  5. Hello Dawn, I have been checking out some of your ‘What I wore Wednesday’ posts and I have fallen in love with your gorgeous yellow necklace that you had made. It’s the one with the row of yellow roses – just divine!! I was wondering if you sell these or if not, do you have a tutorial that I could go to to make my own?
    PS Just love your style.

  6. That’s not stupid, it’s brilliant! I used to do a lot of advanced prep-type things & mixes. I have this old cookbook called “Make-a-Mix,” & it is one of my most worn cookbooks. When our children were young, I always had homemade mixes for cookies, brownies, pancakes, bread & lots of other things. I don’t make too many of those things anymore unless the “Grands” are coming over. What I do like to do is make larger batches of meatloaf, soups, chili, etc. & freeze them in portions for the 2 of us so I have some super-easy meals for those days when I’m having way too much fun crafting or sewing….lol! Ya know, I think you need a new title, considering all your gardening & cooking plans. I think you should be “The Wisconsin Pioneer Woman!” Do you ever feel you were born in the wrong century? I always did when I was young, but not any more. I do love my conveniences — sigh!
    xoxo, Carol

  7. I really don’t like to cook or bake, but I have four grandchildren, and I do like to whip something up for them, warm from the oven. So, since it’s the flour part that really gets to me, I make up batches of chocolate chip cookies, pizza dough, and my “special” pancake mix so that I’m ready to just add the wet stuff. Younger granddaughter used to help me make up the batches, which taught her the measuring skills with practice built in. 🙂 Double whammy!

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