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Marigold Seed Starting Indoors (Video)

Marigolds, Starting Seeds Indoors

I’ve decided to add something new to the blog; videos. I’ve created a few in the past but I thought you might enjoy more of them. You’ll see the real me, and by real I mean crazy hair, no makeup, and plenty of bloopers that I won’t be editing out. I want everyone to feel welcome and in this video you can even see laundry on line line behind me, area rugs propped in the corner that need to be taken care of, a dog that interrupts me, and my phone going off several times. I’m going to keep all this type of stuff in my videos because it’s ME.

In this video I’m sharing the process of starting seeds indoor; marigold seeds that I harvested from last years marigold plants. Marigolds are easy to grow and I use them around my raised garden beds to keep the pesky rabbits and deer away.  They do work, along with Irish Spring Soap so it’s worth a try to grow my own.  Seeds, seed trays, and potted flowers/vegetables seem to be on the expensive side again this year; that’s if you can even find them.  Like last season there was a panic and everyone bought early.  I ordered most of my seeds, saved some from my own plants, and bought starting cells the minute they hit the store.

If you watch the video you can see exactly what I did, but if you don’t care to watch here is the process and materials you will need.

  • Some form of tray to start the seeds in. I’m using a 72 cell pack I picked up at Dollar General.
  • Seed starting soil. I’m using Jiffy brand you can get that at Dollar General, or Walmart, or any big box store.
  • Lights if planting indoors.
  • Seeds for planting.
  • Water.

I add the soil to the cells, push it down to compact it, place a seed or two in each cell, place more dirt over the seeds, water from the bottom and also the top for the first time and then I only water from the bottom; keeping about ½” of water in the tray. Place the clear dome over the top, place under lights, and wait for germination.  I keep mine about 4” away from the lights and increase that as they grow.

I’ve planted garden vegetables too and will be back to share that with you and also my inexpensive way to have lights to grow under without the expense of grow lights.

FYI: the Marigold seeds sprouted 3 days after planting, insert happy face here! These are the same seeds I sent to some of my readers last year, so if you asked for them know they are growing!

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  1. Thanks for the marigold video, Dawn. I’d look forward to learning about your “grow lights that aren’t really grow lights.” I’ve never used grow lights and almost gave up on gardening because I live in the Sierras where deer eat absolutely everything except St. Johns Wort and Rosemary. So, I’m experimenting this year and looking forward to trying some other things. Loved seeing the dog bugging you with his ball… that I’m experienced in. Around here, it’s all about the dog. Have a blissful day.

    1. Linda, have you ever tried shredding Irish Spring soap and sprinkling it around your garden to keep the deer away? I do that to mine and they hate the smell so they stay out of it. It also keeps the bunnies out. I only have to replace it once throughout the season, unless we end up with a lot of heavy rains. Yes the dog comes first in our house too, LOL

  2. Debbie Lorson says:

    Hi Dawn:

    I am a recipient of your seeds. It was yellow marigold seeds, sunflower seeds, and milkweed. I need to start sowing my seeds in trays but our weather in Missouri has been awful. Loved your video!!

    1. Debbie, Yes, milkweed was the other seed I sent out. I could not think of that for anything. Thanks for the reminder. I’m planning up up-potting my 144 tomato plants today and I’m running out of room under the grow lights so hopefully the weather makes a quick change so I can put them outside under plastic. I wish I had a green house. May have to put that on my to make list.

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