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Mason Jar Holiday Centerpiece

Holiday Centerpiece

Sticking with my natural and use what you already have theme for the holiday season, I made a Mason Jar Holiday Centerpiece with my blue vintage jars.  It’s the perfect look for a kitchen island, simple with just a touch of holiday cheer.


Mason Jar Candle Centerpiece

All you need is jars, some gingham ribbon, Epsom salts, and candles. I had everything already in my stash so it turned out to be another free project. 




Mason Jar and Candle Centerpiece


Snowman Gift Tag Printable

Snowman-Gift-Tag Printable

Click Here to Download the Snowman Gift Tag



Snowman Gift Tag Printable





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    1. Thank you Martina, I think I am about done with my Christmas posts.

  1. Dawn,
    I love the simplicity of what you do and how big a impact it makes. Love the use of the gingham ribbon with the blue mason jars very pretty. Love this.

    1. Kris, I am all about simple and easy and don’t forget free…I don’t want any stress in decorating so I just do with what I have.

  2. I love the look of these snowy candle jars. It would be a really pretty look for a winter wedding, too. Thanks for sharing the little snowmen tags. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    1. Thank you for stopping in:) Yes, these would look darling for a winter wedding you could make them cute in so many different ways. Merry Christmas to you also:)

  3. I love simple ideas and have used this one before. I find all sorts of using for my mason jars … storage of buttons and more, candles, displaying nature items and more.
    We are getting a huge storm system (originated in Texas) today and for at least 2 more days … good days to stay inside and putter around tweaking displays, reading and doing crafts.

    1. Linda mason jars are the perfect storage device and look so pretty filled with things like buttons. We had an ice storm here last night and power is out for miles around us.

  4. They are really pretty Dawn. I have never done anything with epsom salts except when I worked in the hospital that is. Happy Christmas

    1. Olive, lol Epsom salts are good for so many things. Even for snow:)

    1. Thank you Susan, I am all about it being easy and not purchasing a thing.

  5. Hi dawn , these are cute. I have a ton of mason jars left over from our wedding. I think I’ll being doing something like this. Merry Christmas

    1. Lesley, what a great idea, may as well use what you have.

    1. Thank you Holly, it is very easy and can be done at the last minute.

  6. hi there! so cute, thanks so much! i would love to add to my pinterest boards, but i only pin large single picture pins. Maybe in the future you could adjust so each picture can be pinned individually. thanks so much! rhonda

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