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May Flowering Trees

Michigan has always been a beautiful state to live in.  I love all the changes we have with every season and right now all the beautiful flowering trees are in full bloom.
 A Red Bud tree against a chippy white barn and in the foreground is a white lilac.  Lilacs always bloom right before Mother’s Day every year, making the perfect flower to give as a gift.
A Flowering Pear, non fruit bearing treeThis tree has white flowers in spring, green leaves in summer, and blaze orange leaves in fall. It is a beauty all year long.
The Purple Lilac.  It has the most heavenly smell, one bouquet can fill the whole house with the sweet smell of lilacs.
The Tulip Tree has huge pink blossoms that look just like a tulip. When the blossoms fall they carpet the lawn with their petals. A flowering tree would be a great Mother’s Day gift this year.
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  1. It’s absolutely beautiful with all the flowering trees! Happy Mother’s Day weekend.

  2. Gorgeous- I love the Tulip Tree!
    Hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day

  3. All so pretty and I love lilacs. I planted two this spring. Happy Mother’s Day and farmhouse hugs!

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