"Mint" – Is It The Way to Mop Wood Floors?

Have you ever heard of the “Mint” robotic floor sweeping and mopping tool?
I was determined to find an easy solution to mopping the wood floors everyday.  I already vacuum several times a day and I thought why not just sit back and let the “Mint” do the mopping.
 First I put the island chairs up to make it easier for the contraption to maneuver around. (I’m one of those type that clean before the maid shows up).
Then into the dining room and put all those chairs up.
Then into the living room to put the tiny chairs up.  Remember doing this in school, back in the day??
 I was so excited to get that little machine charged up and ready to go.  It’s very simple to operate, no high tech skills required.  
I wet the micro-fiber cloth and turned it on.  All the while I decided to babysit it.
Here’s the conclusion:
It does a wonderful job, but takes forever.  It took 8 hours to do the three areas I put the chairs up in.  It had to re-doc itself 3 times and recharge.  It got stuck 2 times under the sofa and couldn’t find it’s way out.
Needless to say I did not keep it, it was packaged up and went back to the store.  I decided if I have to stay home and watch it’s every move, it’s certainly not worth it.
So, I’m back to doing it the good ole’ fashion way, nothing performs like elbow grease.


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  1. OMG, what will they come up with next?
    I don’t mind mopping. But with only
    two people living here I don’t have
    to do it too often.

  2. That must have been a let down, it sounds great but turned out to be kind of a pain,I guess you’re right good old fashioned elbow grease is good, but it sure would have been great to have an alternative.

  3. I had a similar product a few years ago, similar problems too. I came to the same conclusion and returned it. Great minds think alike Dawn 🙂

  4. Oh, pooh, what a bummer? Wish it would have worked for you.


  5. Oh well it was worth a try! Your new header looks fabulous. Very clean and fresh. Enjoy the rest of your week…Ann

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