Mint Water on a Summers Day

I woke up this morning to a miserably, hot, humid Michigan day.
I am not a hot weather girl. 
Maybe that’s why I love Michigan, we seldom get hot, unbearable
But WOW it is a humid one today.  The temps says it will get to 88 degrees,
which I know a lot of you have been experiencing triple digits
and laugh at 88 but when you have 100% humidity
you just drip sitting still.
I was forced to turn on my air, which I hate to do, It makes
me feel all cooped up.
Since I can’t be outside I will sip my mint water and
catch up on everyone’s blogs on my ipad.
Luckily we only have a few days of this type of weather and I 
will fling open the doors and windows again.
Stay cool today everyone and enjoy your day.

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  1. Maybe that’s where I need to move. I didn’t know there was anywhere you didn’t have to have the AC on in the summer.

  2. You are like me / I avoid the air if I can…plus I have room AC not whole house so along with being cooped up the noise is annoying

    We have alot of humidity too…Sunday was the was like a steamy jungle

  3. Dawn,
    We are sharing similar weather here in Chicago land. It is so humid today but is suppose to be like this one more day and then cool off and not as much humidity. I am like you I want the windows open and air off. Your mint water sounds refreshing. Stay cool.

  4. Today is 107 with 30% humidity! I’m sitting in my office with a fan blowing on me, drinking plain water (I need to get some mint) watching the wind blow the trees wildly and the skies fill with thunder clouds. Only problem is that the dew point is not quite high enough to cause the rain to hit town and the humidity will only rise as the temps go up. Oh to live in AZ 🙂 Wouldn’t trade it for the world!

  5. Know how you feel, we lived northeast of Bowling Green, KY for 5 yrs. after living in MT a very dry climate and before that inland San Diego area. When we lived in KY we’d have 100% humidity and 100 degrees, the hottest it had been there in years the natives told us.
    It was very hard on me living in KY as I have allergies, asthma and arthritis, not good for damp climates. It was so pretty there but hard on my health. We lasted 5 yrs. then moved here to western CO, west of Grand Junction. Been much better. It was hard on me living in KY where we had to have our ac on for so much of spring,summer and early fall. Winter wasn’t fun either as it’s so damp there. We had mold on north side of our house all the time. Really too bad as we had a great house with 1 1/2 acres of land, loved it. Hope it cools off for you, really do know how miserable it can be. When we lived in Mt all we needed most of the 7 summers were ceiling fans. We used to live in Tucson, Az before we moved to San Diego area, now there’s heat also but lower humidity. Hope you can enjoy your summer

  6. Aaack lucky you that you don’t have that weather all the time! That’s basically what it’s like here for the rest of summer. I was drenched with sweat just from harvesting some veggies!

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