Mixed Bedding Using Neutrals

Mixing Bedding Textures, Colors and Patterns Okay when I say mixed bedding I mean not one item on the bed is from the same store. It’s more like a mix of department stores exploded on our bed. If it was on clearance or marked down I now own it. I’ve noticed over the years I have a bedding obsession and really how many times a year do you change the look of your bed? Please tell me how often do you swap out your bedding look? For me more often than I’d like to admit and our bed is in the loft so the only people that ever see it are hubby, the dog, and myself. In some homes you can see the master bedroom from the main level and if I’m lucky enough I can take a quick peak when I’m strolling to the potty or something. Do you do that too; take a quick look for decorating tips?

Mixing Bedding Textures, Colors and Patterns This look all started by me wanting to use more duvet covers for a fluffier and fuller look on the bed. I didn’t want to spend big bucks so I started with and Ikea duvet cover (the tan and white buffalo check) and added a duvet insert from the clearance section at Target. If you’re ever looking for an insert Target has the best prices even when they’re not marked down. The Target store in my area always has terrific clearance prices; do you find that at your local Target too?

Mixing Bedding Textures, Colors and Patterns Then my favorite flannel sheets had seen better days so I found the gray Country Living flannel sheets marked down to $30 and decided to give them a go. I normally get my flannel sheets from Garnett Hill but I pay a much higher price for them. So far so good, they are very soft and wash up nice so this brand may be a keeper. The top two pillows on the pile are also from the County Living line but not flannel. I figured pillowcases are cheap so if they don’t last long I’m not out a lot of money. Has anyone else tried this line and liked it?

Mixing Bedding Textures, Colors and Patterns The ruffled bed skirt and paisley quilt are both from Overstock. I’ve had them both for years and they’ve held up wonderfully through several washes. I think my quilts hold up so well because other than in photos they’re always covered up by a white sheet. I never know when the dog is going to get on the bed so I’m prepared at all times. It’s not pretty but I don’t want dog hair all over our bedding. Every morning when I get up I make the bed, and put a fresh sheet over it. The things we do for our pets. The dog has a bed on the floor but always starts out the night on our bed and when she gets hot she moves to the floor.

The Trick To Get Flowers Upright In A VaseI’ve changed most of our home over to neutrals and I think they look best with the cabin. With so much wood they seem to fit in better than any of my other color combinations. Hubby just put a new Ikea piece together for me to use in the living room so come back soon to see that and I’ve also swapped out the furniture slipcovers to a new neutral. I have spring fever and am wanting change, now if the weather would just get on board with it all.

Tips: for inexpensive art use a calendar page like I have on my nightstand ☺


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  1. Nice mix, Dawn and I think I am your bed linens swapping sister!

    1. Hi Dawndie! I love the new look and the others too. I’m still working on my bedroom, well, I’m not working on it now but I’ve changed my mind on the colors I was going to use! Hope you’re doing well and thanks for popping in to see me.
      Be a sweetie,
      Shelia 😉

      1. Shelia I can’t wait to see what colors you will be working with. I don’t have the luxury of changing paint colors so bedding changes will have to do.

  2. I love the neutrals Dawn. Since our house is so color-filled, I’m working on a simple and neutral front porch right now. It’s very calming I have to say. Enjoy that bedroom!

    1. Amy I did away with most of my color and went with all earth tones and neutrals it fits the cabin better and I don’t feel like things are always competing.

  3. So pretty and cozy looking. Love your dust ruffle. I recently bought a whole new bedding ensemble .. Ouch.. It hurt the pocketbook.. Lol. But I love it .. Went with the toile and black and white gingham. ❤️

    1. Melissa I bet that’s very pretty. You can’t go wrong with black and white it’s timeless and never goes out of style.

  4. I really like the combination of linens in your room. I don’t change the look of mine often; I just wash them a lot :-/ I wish I could update mine. Maybe I’ll try Country Living sheets 🙂

    1. Amy I need to weed out more of my bedding and not switch as often, the storage issue is just a pain. So far my CL sheets are holding up but I don’t think they will last more than a season, the Garnett Hill are a much better quality.

  5. I am getting a new mattress next week and now l l,ook forward to getting new mix and match bedding. I like the idea of changing the look. w it will be fun shopping.

    1. Judy we need a new matress. We always buy expensive ones but can’t seem to get more than 5 years out of them. I guess things are just made cheap these days.

  6. Kathleen G says:

    Your bedroom is full of warm sunshine to take away the winter blues. Sweet of you to think of your dog. I have several quilts made by my sister I switch out during the seasons. In fact, I should put on my summer sheets, in the high 80s all next week.
    Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen no way 80’s that sounds wonderful, we’re having a snow and ice storm again today.

  7. Love, love this Dawn!….I have an Ikea insert and will have to try the one from Target…the Pottery Barn duvets are quite nice however come with a much higher price tag….Beautiful new bedding!!!

    1. Shirley I have to duvet covers from PB but I always wait for the clearance price before I buy.

  8. I love your bedroom no matter what change! you always make it looks so cozy Daen!

    1. Thanks Debbie I’m going to add some artwork next.

  9. I love mixing up bedding – my sheets rarely match my sheets, but they look cute together.

    I love all the different bedding you use.

    1. Carol I’d never thought of mixing the top and bottom sheets. Now that gives me more ideas…..

  10. Dawn, Your bed looks so comfy and cozy! I just love the mix! In the past, I did more switching out the colors and linens in other houses but have streamlined things here because of storage issues, too. I like to use lightweight quilts on the bed and have just recently purchased a new one with spring colors. Now I’m trying to decide on a new bedskirt. I don’t change things often but our bedroom is overdue for an update. Our Lucy is so large and sprawls out so much when she sleeps that we would never all fit on the bed. Kinda glad we’ve never allowed her to get up on the bed!

    1. Jane we have a king size bed and the dog takes up most of it. When me moved into the cabin we put a stop to the dog getting on any furniture except the bed, because I knew things would wash easier than a sofa. I need to go through my bedding and weed out more of it again, it’s on my to do list again.

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