Morning Glory Bloom and Some Blog News


Finally a Morning Glory Bloom.  We have had such a cool summer that it’s taking forever for things to mature. Normally I would have had morning glories bursting with blooms in June, even the vegetables are slow in ripening from lack of warmth and sun. We have had many cloud covered days here in Michigan this summer and I love the cooler temps but the flowers and veggies object.


Now on to my news…..


My “Custom Blog Graphics” shop will be open for business tomorrow. I will still be blogging just like always but I will also be doing design work for other bloggers. We all need a change from time to time anything from a complete makeover to something as simple as a new watermark for photos, I am excited to work with fellow bloggers and bring there style and personality together with a new blog look. I hope you all stop in and see what it’s all about. I will be doing a giveaway for the grand opening.





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    1. Debra, the farmers hare having a heck of a time with their crops here. I feel so bad for them last year it was early frost and then the drought. They just cant seem to win:(

  1. Put me on your list. I know my blog needs some freshening up but are you doing blogger cause I am staying there? I am glad you are doing this cause now I won’t feel guilty when I ask you for help. Our summer has been so cool as well. In the 80s which is like spring here.

    1. Elaine, we had one week of hot weather other than that my windows have been shut and no shorts wearing. It has been crazy.
      Yes, I will be doing blog design for blogger and WP now that I know them both. It will be good to keep working with blogger clients, it will keep me fresh on the workings of blogger:) Can’t wait to work with you again.

    1. Kim, I am excited to get started too. I have been doing it on the side anyway but I guess it is time to hang my shingle:)

  2. Very exciting Dawn…can’t wait to see your designs!!

    1. Thank you Martina, I hope I get a big variety of blogs. It will be fun to see what people pick:)

  3. Wow, look at you!!! Good luck to you on your new adventure!!!
    XO Kris

    1. Thank you Kris, I am anxious to get started.

    1. How sweet Jane, thank you for the words of encouragement:)

  4. This is a beautiful bloom, I love that deep shade of purple. I hope they take off for you now! I wonder if the cloud cover, as you said, is what the problem is with my plants. I have a ton of small tomatoes but they are very slow to grow and turn red. And lots of buds on the rose and hibiscus plants, but no flowers. Hmmmm…

    Wishing you all the best with your design business. I recently had my blog re-designed and I have to admit, I didn’t have many places to look. Good luck! 🙂


    1. Jane, I do believe the cloud cover is the problem. Farmers are doing their share of complaining about it. I guess our weather is never perfect. I hope to keep busy making blogs look pretty:)

    1. Elizabeth, Stop back in tomorrow and enter in on the giveaway:)

  5. Yay! I’ve been clicking and clicking on your icon but of course nothing has been there. I totally want a watermark for my photos.

    I haven’t gotten one morning glory yet. Lots of leaves but no flowers. It’s been a weird summer, nothing is as it’s been in the past 🙂

    1. Manuela, The page will be live tomorrow and I am also doing the giveaway so stop back in and enter to win:)

  6. Dawn that is great news!!! I wish you all the best. It’s great to know that i have sommeone to help on my blog when needed. It’s also nice to know about the watermarks. I have no idea how to that that.


    1. Kathy, Tomorrow I will describe all the services and give an example of a watermark:) I will also be doing a giveaway so stop back by and enter to win.

  7. Very exciting news, my friend!

    I planted some morning glory seeds….you know what’s coming next. I don’t know if they are blooming. Have to check with Don.


    1. Claudia, will you have to explain to him what morning glories are? My hubby would have no clue and even if I told him the exact location I planted them he still couldn’t identify them.

    1. Thank you Noelle, I appreciate the good wishes:)

  8. I will certainly be one of your clients Dawn, I’ve out grown what my blog looks like so I’ll be wanting something new and in WP.

    1. Rondell, that sounds great. WP is easier to work with anyway:)

  9. HI Dawn! Lovely morning glory! Oh, I’m so excited you’re doing this. You are so creative and puter smart! 😉
    I always appreciate your visits so much.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 🙂

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