My Adventure in Landscape Preparation Day One

I am on a mission this year to landscape the cabin for “free”
so far, so good.
Once the weather broke, Hubby and I set out on our rock picking
First he used our bobcat and brought dirt up into the area where we
will be planting the flowers.  I am lucky to have all the dirt we need
stockpiled on our property from when we dug our pond.
Our neighbor has several rock piles to pick from and said we could 
have all we wanted.
 We had to get the dump truck, the bobcat, and the truck all 
down the road to the rock picking field.
I asked hubby what he wanted me to drive and he said,
“the truck” (mind you this is a 4 door truck, with a full box and is about the size of a school bus).   I hopped in the truck while he drove the dump truck ahead of me.  Apparently me driving the truck was the wrong choice…..
before we even got there I had put the truck in the ditch (did I mention this
is his Brand New Truck??)
I was horrified, and certainly didn’t want to tell him but I was sure he would notice right away.
Lucky me, a neighbor drove by and seen the dilemma and offered to take hubby home to get our bobcat.
So…. I waited for hubby to return.
Wow, what a fast fix. He picked the rear end of the truck up with the bobcat forks and moved it right out of the ditch.  I was relieved to see there
wasn’t much damage….or maybe I was just trying to convince myself there wasn’t much damage.  Any how, now we had all 3 pieces of equipment into the
field and the rock picking could begin.
 Hubby went at it with in full force.
He loaded the dump truck 2 times and took it back to our house to dump.
It was an all day project but I think we have enough rocks to 
complete our project.
 So now the time comes to take all our equipment back to the house and I look at hubby and say, “What do you want me to drive”….
He looked around and said, “you drive the bobcat this time.”
I think he was trying to decide which piece of equipment I could do the least amount of damage with.
I do have to admit, I do a lot of sight seeing while I drive and have 
been know to be looking for a good “something”  to photograph.
Stop back by in the coming weeks to see how our project is coming along.

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  1. Dawn,
    You crack me up. I would have probably had the truck in the ditch too!!!! You have a sweet and understanding hubster!!! How fun this project sounds I can’t wait to see the results. Yeah for this great weather FINALLY!!!!

  2. Aren’t you lucky to have dirt, rocks and etc all nearby for free? I can just see you on the Bobcat!! Good luck with the progress!


  3. Oh Dawn I love reading your blog! You sound like you would make a great girl friend and only wish you lived closer! I love rocks too! Every time my husband see a huge rock near the road way he asks me if I want to take it home! Mind you it is usually the size of a small house! Can’t wait to see how your yard looks at the end! Linda- Lindalouquilts

  4. You got some great wheels there girl. How lucky to have a neighbor with rock mining on the property…all my neighbor has is a bad hair piece! Can’t wait to see the end product.

  5. That looked like fun, really! What I’d give
    for a truck and especially the bobcat.. I have
    this sloping yard that needs pushing and pulling
    and the Mr. thinks I’m nuts.. but then we don’t
    have all that property as you…
    As for the rocks.. that too is rock envy!
    I’ll be back to see the progress…

  6. Oh, you are too funny, Dawn! When you take on a landscaping project, you do it big time, don’t you? LOL!

  7. Sounds like all’s well that end’s well. Landscape here you come.


  8. I like rocks. I’m always pointing out rocks and telling hubby that one would look great in our yard. The rocks are more like the size of small boulders, though.
    Sounds like a huge, but fun project. Good luck with it!
    Farmhouse hugs,

  9. I can’t wait to see more…rock gardens are beautiful! My grandmother had large rocks interspersed with her flowers and bushes in the front of her home. That yard had a gentle slope so she had about 3 tiers. It was a lovely garden…yours is going to be so much fun to plan and plant and enjoy over the years! 🙂

  10. He’d better be glad I wasn’t driving. I have a sort of curved driveway. And it’s all I can do to manage to back out of it. But then no one I know can hardly navigate my driveway. Can’t wait to see what you do!

  11. Wow! Landscaping and gardening with trucks and a bobcat sounds like hard work. Can’t wait to see the progress.

  12. How awesome! (except the truck in the ditch-haha) It’s so great that you all have access to everything you need for your landscaping. Can’t wait to see how it all comes out 🙂

    Jeanette @ Creating a Life

  13. Oh Dawn…I missed this post. What a hoot!!! I am glad there wasn’t much damage!! And I can’t wait to see what you are up to with all of those big rocks!!!

  14. OMG Dawn what a scare. So glad you were OK and there was a fairly easy fix in getting you out!
    I love big stones used in landscaping.
    You are getting off cheap-we had a landscaper tell us those big rocks are in the hundreds to buy.
    I can’t wait to see it finished!

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