My Homeless Lady Style

My funny homeless lady story, and by homeless lady I mean myself. I have my own style and always have. I normally dress quite quirky and out of the ordinary for my neck of the woods. Heck maybe I dress strangely no matter where you’re from.

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I love fall and winter the most when it comes to wardrobe pieces. I love layers, I love mixing patterns, and I love baggy ill fitting pieces. With all that being said I’ve told my bestie for the last several years my style has morphed into what I call, “The Homeless Lady Look.” We laugh about it, she’s probably embarrassed to be seen with me at times but it’s who I am. Thank God she loves me no matter what I’m wearing.

Creative Cain Cabin, Comfy Cozy Clothes For Winter

My Bestie has always assured me I don’t look like a homeless person, even though I know I do. So here’s where the funny story begins. I rode with Hubby to town the other day; which was a big deal because I seldom leave the house. He needed to stop into a big box home improvement store and I needed a few things from the grocery store that was across the street. I told him to drop me off and I’d walk across the road and meet him at the truck. So that’s what he did.

Creative Cain Cabin, Comfy Cozy Clothes For Winter

I ended up picking up more things than I’d planned and was loaded down with shopping bags. I started walking, mind you it was 30 degrees out, and had almost made it across the first parking lot and into the road when a lady pulled up beside me, assured me she wasn’t a weirdo, lol, and said she’d give me a ride wherever I needed to go.

Creative Cain Cabin, Comfy Cozy Clothes For Winter

I thanked her and said my truck was parked just across the street. Yep, that’s the moment I knew I do actually look like a homeless bag lady. I couldn’t wait to call my bestie and tell her someone tried to give this old homeless lady a ride. We laughed and laughed. The first thing I did when I could get sat down was to pray for that lady, God Bless her for offering me a ride. She said she wasn’t a weirdo but she certainly didn’t know if I was one. Just when I think the world is going to pot God reassures me there are good people willing to help others left in this world.

Creative Cain Cabin, Comfy Cozy Clothes For Winter

I’ve attached some photos of how I dressed throughout the week just so you can see my homeless lady style……..Now you know what I mean, right? I certainly don’t dress to impress. It’s a big deal if I put on what I call “real shoes”, normally I have on my Uggs that I consider house slippers. Aw heck who am I kidding I even wear the Uggs in public. Also I’m not wearing makeup in any of these photos, and I use a hat instead of combing my hair most of the time.

Creative Cain Cabin, Comfy Cozy Clothes For Winter

Thanks for laughing along with me today, and have yourself a wonderful Christmas week!

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  1. Hey Dawn

    I love your style. Its so cute. I love that long blue dress so pretty. It looks like little house on the prairie.
    Wishing you and your family a blessed Christmas.

    1. Judy, my long dress was an Old Navy purchase and I agree it looks like it came from the show Little House. Hope your Christmas was wonderful.

  2. Maaike in Cali says:

    I think you look great! Fun and comfortable!! It makes me think of Magnolia Pearl clothes. 😊

    1. Maaike, I LOVE Magnolia Pearl clothes, but can’t afford them. They are certainly my style.

  3. Hey! This 73 yr old wears Uggs too and Logo style clothes, slouchy sweaters, leggings, slouchy sock hats! In fact I have the same hat as you ( the cream color) in gray with the big old furry pouf 😃 I’m a big fan of mixing it up! Love your column today!

    1. Carol, so glad to hear your style is like mine. I think the older I get I don’t care what anyone things and I dress for comfort not style.

  4. I love how you are dressed! Especially the long dresses. I love the story about the offer of a ride. What a sweet lady. Merry Christmas! Hugs,

    1. Sandi, I never thought my homeless lady look would be taken literally, but I’m pretty sure that lady who offered me a ride though I was one, LOL. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

  5. That is awesome! You look wonderful. Merry Christmas!

  6. Merry Christmas and love the outfits. I have been wondering how Grandma Red is doing

    1. Jeanie, Thank you for asking about Grama Red. She is still in the rehab and doing much better, expected to leave next Wednesday and I can’t wait. We already have plans for McDonalds, LOL.

    1. Linda, Homeless Girl Style unite. LOL I’m cracking up reading your comment.

  7. You do you!!! I love that you have enough confidence to dress for yourself and not anyone else! ❤️

    1. Verna, I think as I age I don’t care what others think. I was even brave enough to not wear makeup in any of these photos.

  8. You are just too cute.

  9. My dear you’re not the only one to dress like that. I’m 71 and except when I’m going to town (which is seldom) I dress comfortably, slouchy, etc. At my age I figure I’m entitled to be comfortable when I want. Just be youself dear and enjoy life. I pray you have a blessed Christmas and New Year.

    1. Betsy, I agree I’m entitled to wear what I’m comfortable in. I do cover up and dont’ wear anything revealing so I should be offending anyone when I’m out in public. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

  10. You bear no resemblance at all to your profile photo at the top of the blog.
    As someone who works with homeless people, I feel compelled to tell you that we don’t laugh at “homeless lady style” in the civilized world. Homelessness is a complicated issue, and those who dress in mismatched odds and ends often have mental illness besides poverty and lack of access to bathrooms and haircuts.

    1. Ann, my blog pic was about a year earlier when I had short hair that was dyed gray. I think that wonderful that you have the opportunity to work with the homeless, it seems to be an epidemic in the cities these days. I don’t see it where I’m from but if I drive to a big city it’s a sad sight.

  11. It happened to me, too! I love to walk, usually an hour a day, unless the weather is so bad it is dangerous. I dress for comfort, warmth, etc. So one chilly day as I was booking along my small city streets, a lovely young woman, dressed in trendy work out gear, stopped her very expensive car and rolled down her window- she told me she always sees me walking everywhere and offered me a ride to wherever I needed to go. The look on her face when I thanked her, but told her I walk all the time for the exercise and because I love it- priceless. There are so many very kind people out there- but I also worked with homeless and at risk persons my entire professional life, and told this sweet girl it really was not safe for her to invite any strangers into her vehicle or home. There are organizations and agencies one can contact if you believe a person needs help with transportation, etc. Usually they already are aware of the persons and situations.
    I also asked some friends about my look- and got some very positive and helpful feedback.

    1. Susan, I had no idea you worked with the homeless, what a fulfilling job to be helping so many. I agree it’s not a good idea to be offering rides to anyone these days. It’s a sad world we live in when people are skeptical of helping others.

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