My Last Fall Project of The Year

Green Door in Rock Garden, Log Home, Gallery Wall in Staircase

My last fall project of the year was to paint our entrance doors. I’ve been tired of the color for a while (its showed all the shoe scuff marks and dirt) so on the last warm day of the season I painted.

Nothing like putting it off until the last minute, but oh how I hate to paint, yet I love the results once I’ve done it. I made a trip to Sherwin Williams with paint swatch in hand. I love the “privilege green” that’s used all over my house currently but I didn’t want it to be so matchy matchy so I picked the darkest green on the same color swatch and had that made.

Green Door in Rock Garden, Log Home, Gallery Wall in Staircase

I really think something is up with Sherwin Williams paint. For the last couple of years anything I have made doesn’t match their swatch. I know they’ve had supply chain issues and I’m wondering if they’ve also had something going on with the tint they’re getting.  None of the colors turn out as dark as the swatch, which is odd paint always dried darker in my opinion.

Any-who the color I went with is “Rock Garden.” I picked a one coat paint like I always do and it took 3 coats. Just another concern with their paint! After letting it dry for a few days I think it could actually use a 4th coat but that will have to wait until spring or if we have another warm day this winter. 

Green Door in Rock Garden, Log Home, Gallery Wall in Staircase

I think back of how many coats of paint must be on that door. At one point it was a burnt orange, a different shade of green, a dark grey, and a tan. Now it’s back to green again and I’m loving this shade. I think it’s a nice color for the cabin and I’m sure I’ll use it on other things at some point. 

Thanks for all the cute comments about Houdini, they were so fun to read and the idea of creating a children’s book about her is a fantastic idea. 

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  1. Patricia Cook says:

    Love the color, but I am crazy for green! I have good luck with Benjamin Moore paints, however, they are a bit pricey. So enjoy your blog. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving 🍁

    1. Patricia, I’ve never tried BM paint there’s no where to purchase it near me that’s why I’ve always went with SW but I may be on the look out for a new brans. I’m with you, green is my favorite color right now too.

    1. Jeanie, That’s good to know I’m always afraid to try new paint brands. Especially with how pricey it is.

  2. I work for a commercial real estate developer and the painter we use always tells me to use Benjamin Moore for interior and Sherwin Williams for exterior. Of course, that’s just his opinion, but since he paints every day I tend to trust him!

    1. Diane, What an interesting job you have and thanks for the tip. I guess I had no idea different brands would be better for different locations. I’m going to have to remember that!

  3. I agree, paint swatches and the actual color always seem off. I ordered a small jarof paint from BM one time and the color was not even close to the sample. I usually go to Home Depot and get a color match. It’s usually right on or extremely close to the actual color. Love the green by the way. Our exterior doors are painted a beautiful green as well.

    1. Tanya, I’ve never thought of taking the swatch to a big box store for a color match. I know I used to do that when we rehabbed homes back in the day but I’ve never done that for my own home. Good tip!

  4. That is a lovely shade of green and it looks great with the wood.

    1. Thanks Jen, I’m am loving it with the wood too. It helps take away from the warm tone that the wood gives off.

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