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My Plans for Christmas/winter Decorating

If you’ve followed me for long you know over the past several years I’ve tried to decorate by reusing things in different ways or in different rooms to give them new life. I like to do this primarily to keep the cost down and not have more stuff to store. (All photos below are from past Christmas posts)

I’ve donated over half my decorating items over the years and the only time I add something new is if it comes from a thrift store or garage sale. From time to time I do pick up a few cheap items from the dollar store but in all, I try to recycle what I have into a new look. And you know, I find I like how it turns out better than buying new and it’s more rewarding knowing I’m happy with the results.

With all that being said for the next few weeks I’m going to share with you a few looks that will take the cabin from everyday to Christmas/Winter mode with just a few tweaks. I’m really not planning on going all out with a Christmas look but rather I’m going for a winter look this year. 

I’ll share with you a before picture and an after photo so you can see how easily it can be done and on a budget. I’ll mostly use things from nature as they fit best with our cabin. I’m fortunate to be surrounded by pine trees which mean pine branches and pine cones. Also, it’s common to find deer antler sheds in my neck of the woods. 

I hope you enjoy this small series I’ll be doing and I hope it gives you the inspiration to recycle what you have.  Come back, first up is repurposing an old $5 wreath and making it perfect for winter! 

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  1. Happy Holiday planning and decorating!! Looking forward to following along.

    1. Lisa, Thank you! I’m certainly going to keep it simple this year.

  2. Super cute! Love the snow globe on the wood slice and the tiny snowflakes on your little tree! Where did you get the snowflakes? I would love to do that to my little trees too! Thanks!! <3

    1. Joy, I purchased scrapbook paper and glued two sheets wrong sides together and then used a snowflake paper punch to cut out the snowflakes. Everything was purchased at Hobby Lobby. I hope that helps!

  3. I read your post and took it to heart. Why go out and buy more? So many of my holiday decorations have been stored and unused that I’m not even certain of what I do have but they must be important or special to me if they’re still in a bin. So I’m going to follow your lead and pull out what is here and use that. And things that aren’t that important or I don’t even like anymore can all go bye-bye. Let the Jones’s keep up with the Jones’s. I’m going to be me.

    1. Barb, Amen! I feel the same way. I’m not looking to keep or impress anyone. If it works for me, than it’s good for me. If others dont like it they can do what’s best for them. There’s so many pretty blogs out there but it’s just not for me anymore.

  4. I’ve been doing the same thing, Dawn. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do this year. Btw, I still use and enjoy the tiny snowflakes that you mailed to me some years back.

    1. Jen, Oh I’m so happy to hear you still use the tiny snowflakes. I get a lot of questions about those and they are so easy to make.

  5. It was so generous of you to share them with me, Dawn – I feel blessed every year when I decorate with them.

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