My Son The FireFighter

Fire Fighters UniformDo you all remember this summer when I did the post about my son racing his motorcycle? I clearly asked him to find a hobby that didn’t endanger his life, like knitting, did he listen to his old mom? No, instead he joined the fire department. No risk in that, right? Boys, why do they have to pick such dangerous jobs to do? Since his official start date he has been called to a car roll over and fought a house fire. Now take into consideration he’d only been with the fire department for 3 days and already has been toned out twice. 

Fire Fighters UniformI’m not sure my nerves can take it. Mind you we live in a community with 1,000 people. How in the world could our village possible have that much action? Our fire department also is back up assist to two surrounding towns so there will be times my son get’s called out to help those departments. He’s number 19 and anything with the number 9 in it is a family tradition and considered good luck.

Last night he handed out candy to trick-or-treaters at the fire station. All the kids are so impressed with the fire fighters and the big red fire trucks. I went in to take photos of the night and will have some printed off to to display in our home. 

Fire Fighters UniformI’ve a very proud mama of a great kid but danger seems to be his thing. The next thing he’s going to do is train for ice rescue….and once again, dangerous. He’s 21, has a full time day job and want’s to help the community so he feels it’s part of his duty to serve. So next time you pray please add my son to your list just for a little extra assurance. 


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  1. You have raised a wonderful son, Dawn. I know you are very proud of him and concerned for his safety at the same time. Did you forget that while he was growing up you were suppose to give him subliminal messages about not doing dangerous things? : ) I bet he looked adorable handing out candy to the little trick or treaters!

  2. What an honorable profession….I know as a mom you worry, but I can sense a true sense of pride of what he is doing. What would we do without our emergency management services…our heroes!…Love the beautiful pics and good luck to your son on his career.

    1. Shirley he is an amazing kid and thank you for your support.

  3. Hello! I wanted to let you know that I completely understand how you feel. My son is a firefighter whose past hobbies have included four wheeler racing and bull riding!!! I will never forget watching that first video of a fire he worked. He was on the roof of a two story house preparing to go inside a window that had flames coming out of it!! I sat in front of that computer screen watching and screaming for him to get down off that roof and get away from that burning house!!! Hadn’t I taught him any better than that?!! lol. Needless to say, I do not watch the videos anymore!!! I am very proud of him, I love him and he is my hero! I’m sure you feel the same about your son!

    1. Celia, I can see you hollering at the computer screen now. Im not sure I could watch either. Must be our boys are just thrill seekers.

  4. My husband has been in the fire department for 11 years. He’s had some very difficult calls, more emotionally than physically. But the fire department brotherhood is amazing. We truly support eachother as one big family. I’ve always told my husband I would much rather him go to a job that he loves every day, than to be miserable. It’s such a blessing to have those who serve our communities. My kids and I pray for their safety every night!

    1. Michele I can so see the emotional side of it. My son had to talk with the 3 kids whose house burned down and I know it upset him. You’re right they do all have an unspoken brotherhood and that’s a wonderful thing. It’s great to hear from another family of a firefighter.

  5. Dawn, I know exactly how you feel, my son James was in the military for 8 yrs and served overseas during the Gulf War, It was the worse time in my life. I was proud of my son so proud as I’m today, but the worry of not knowing and not being able to talk to him on regular base just about got me. I have to tell you, had I not known God and new he was watching over my son I really don’t think I could have survived those eight years. God Bless and your sons name ( as Dawn) has been added to my prayer list.

    1. Joy thank you for the extra prayers. My son also thought about joining the Navy Seals for quite some time. I lost a lot of sleep over that one, the military is so scary and I can see how you worried for eight years.

  6. Dawn – despite the danger, you must be very proud of him for wanting to help in the community. You raised him right!


    1. Thank you Judy he’s a great kid and I’m proud of his choice.

  7. Dawn, It sounds like you have a great son. About 15 years ago two teenage girls driving by my parents home spotted flames coming out of the roof of their house. My parents, sister and brother in law were sitting around the kitchen table unaware of the fire. The two girls knocked at the front door to tell them their house was on fire. My sister called us and we rushed to their home and witnessed these firefighters in action. Due to their quick response the fire damage was contained to the attic and one bedroom. No one was hurt either. It could have been so much worse. I have a lot of respect for those who have that drive to help others. People like your son are special indeed. I’ll say a prayer for his safety.

    1. Becky how wonderful that someone noticed your parents fire and was able to alert them and the fire department. We also had a fire when my son was 2 and we were able to get out unharmed. My boy is a special guy that’s for sure and thank you for your prayers.

  8. Cathy Chapman says:

    Hi, my husband was a firefighter, engineer, captain and then went to administration as a Deputy Chief in a large metropolitan city and I can honestly say I didn’t worry one minute! I put him in the hands of God and believed he would be fine, spoke & prayed that he would be safe and he was and is now retired. I know a son is not a husband, but fear and faith cannot reside simultaneously, it’s one or the other, so choose faith! Your days will be filled with much peace and comfort knowing he is going to be fine. Your son sounds like a wonderful young man, no doubt by the way he was raised, be proud you did a great job!


    1. Cathy thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words. I will work on it all 🙂

  9. Kathleen G says:

    Reading the comments Dawn, prayers to your son and family. Volunteering for the community is great service, what a wonderful son! Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen he is such a good kid and I’m proud of that but I sure worry about his safety.

    1. Thank you so much Jane I appreciate it 🙂

  10. Little boys do grow up to be firemen!

    I imagine he will busy in winter. I remember one winter when you talked about your husband having to climb on the roof ( in a snowstorm) to get someone’s heater working.

  11. We grew up in a fairly large city in Michigan. My father was a full-time firefighter (and at the time they were called ambulance attendants, not EMTs). My father retired in his early 50’s as he wanted to enjoy his retirement years. Dad passed away 2 years ago from COPD as one of the diagnoses. I’m sure that a lot of it was smoke related from the house fires — at that time they did not wear respirators all of the time. All I have to say, give your son a big hug because these men put their lives on the line for the people of the communiy. In my eyes, they are heroes.

    1. Aw Debi how sweet of you. I will give him a big hug for sure. So sorry about your Dad but on a good note the even wear respirators while outside the fire because of the toxins most vinyl siding gives off. It’s horrible to die so young from a career. I will treasure my boy always and be thankful for the wonderful man he is becoming.

  12. Firefighters take care of each other. Especially when it is like family. You’ve raised a remarkable young man that is destined to lead and raise remarkable men. He has learned well from two astounding role models.

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