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Deck the Halls with Natural Element Christmas Vignette

Christmas Coffee Table Vignette

In keeping with the Natural Element Christmas Decor theme, I am back to Deck the Halls with a small coffee table vignette. All it took was a short walk out to the pines to gather everything I needed, a few branches and some pinecones.


Natural Element Coffee Table Decor

I had the wicker basket, it normally has magazines in it on the coffee table, so no purchase there and the large mercury glass candle has been around forever, when the candle burns down I just pop another one in. I think it was originally purchased at TJMaxx many years ago, but it’s still in style so I keep it around. 


Holiday Coffee Table

I am enjoying creating small vignettes and holiday decor on a budget. I think natural elements are the way to go if you are looking to spend little or no money. If you missed my porch bouquet you can see it here, and a tutorial on how to make the grain sack coasters that are on the coffee table can be seen here.


Deck the Halls

Don’t forget to stop by the other bloggers who are kicking off this series with me. Below are clickable photos that will take you to more holiday decor inspiration. 






Pine Cone Gift Tag Printable

Pinecone Gift Tag

I’ve also include a Christmas gift tag printable, just click on the Pinecone Gift Tag printable above and you will be taken to the download page.



Coffee Table Decor



Pinecone Gift Tag Printable



Pfaltzgraff Winterberry Collection Giveaway

The Pfaltzgraff giveaway is still going on click here and scroll down to enter to win, 2 winners will be selected.







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  1. I agree … budget and natural are the way to go! What a beautiful vignette, Dawn! Happy Holidays!

    1. Becca, my kids don’t care about Christmas decorating anymore so I may as well make it simple.

  2. Love your natural Christmas theme Dawn! It’s amazing how much ambiance and holiday cheer fresh greenery, pine cones and candles add!

    1. Mary, you are right and I love that it was simple.

  3. Dawn, I am waiting for it to quit raining around here so I can go out and cut some fresh greens. I love your natural arrangement.

    1. Kim, we have had the rain here too and high winds. I haven’t been able to decorate my porch yet because of the wind.

  4. besides being budget friendly I love the look of natural elements in any decor. Typically I go to the property to collect pinecones but this year I broke down to buy some of those super huge ones and hobby lobby. Have you seen them? Happy Holidays!

    1. Laura, yes I have seen those huge pinecone, not sure what state they come from but I have never seen them that large here in Michigan.

  5. I love the idea of natural element holiday decor. I recently went to a Christmas open house where the speakers talked about using all fresh greens from right outside your door. I have a pretty weeping spruce that I like to clip from and add to my decorations. Your vignette is lovely and I like that it’s budget friendly.

    1. Kim, I am luck to live out in the country and can trim things all over the property, so easy and free sounded good to me this year.

    1. Linda, I gather things on my walk everyday. It gets me and the dog out for some exercise.

  6. I love all the natural elements. Your vignette looks so pretty.


    1. Thank you Kathy, I just wasn’t in the mood to pull out all the decorations this year, so the simple natural look is suiting me just fine.

  7. I love your Christmas decor. The natural elements are so pretty and festive! Thank you for sharing your holiday home with us!

    1. Betsy, thank you for stopping in for a look-see. I just wan’t up for a lot of decorating this year, and I am enjoying things being simpler.

  8. I love using natural elements, too! You’re lucky you can walk outside and get them (I have to pay for them-ha!) Your centerpiece looks great; I love your reindeer pillow, too!

    1. Susan, I have never heard of paying for them I though evergreens grew everywhere. I made the pillow last year.

  9. I use a lot of natural elements myself. Love your simple and very effective look, Dawn! It suits your cabin.


    1. Thanks Claudia I am not up for lots of decorating and this is so easy to take down, just heave it into the compost pile:)

  10. Beautiful Dawn…I wish I had a place to grab great evergreens to use in the house…rather than buying them!…I love your natural vignette and the beautiful linens … you have shown us that a beautiful vignette does not have to come with a big price…thanks Dawn!!!

    1. Shirley, wow no place for evergreens in your area? I thought they grew everywhere.

  11. Dawn
    My kind of decorating!
    I like the deer pillow in the background too.
    I bet you made that yourself….
    I’ll spread the word about your Deck the Halls.

    1. Kim, thanks for spreading the word. Yes, I made the deer pillow last year with my silhouette machine.

  12. I managed to get some fresh greens this last weekend, inspired by your previous post! Thanks for the inspiration and all of the beautiful photos!

    1. Denise, so glad you found the time to get some cut:)

  13. I’m loving your simple country decor! That’s what I went for this year myself. It just seems cozy without all the glitter doesn’t it? Love the cute deer pillow and the the pine greenery you used.

    1. Kelly, thank you for looking, I made that deer pillow last year with my Silhouette machine. I do like the easy, natural look.

    1. Elizabeth than you for stopping in and pinning.

  14. Dawn, i adore your natural decor. I can just imagine how perfect it fits into your beautiful cabin! I spied a fabulous deer pillow in the background… it fits so wonderfully with your natural theme! Very very warm and welcoming!.

    1. Yvonne, I made that deer pillow last year with my silhouette machine and forgot about it until I started rummaging through the holiday decor tote.

    1. Kelly and I probably will, or at least until the pine needles start shedding.

  15. I love the evergreens and candlelight, Dawn. I’m hoping to get out to cut some evergreens, too, but it’s going to have to warm up a bit first! I’m really loving red and white this Christmas, and all your details are so pretty and cozy looking! Thanks for the printable tags, too!

    1. Jeanette I was luck and cut mine before this teen temps set in, I take my nippers and bag on my morning walk and cut whatever strikes my fancy.

  16. You can never go wrong with natural elements, especially at Christmastime. Your basket of greens and candle adds so much warmth and charm to your room!
    Mary Aice

    1. Thank you Mary Alice I am definitely going the easy simple route this year.

    1. Linda thanks for popping in, I am making it easy on myself this year the kids are teens and don’t care about the decor so why go all out. I am enjoying my simple natural elements this year.

    1. Amy it certainly is simple. I am making it easy on myself this year.

    1. Thank you Martina, I am certainly doing simple this year:)

  17. I love the mercury glass with nature Dawn. I’m keeping it simple too this year. Thanks for the printables 🙂

    1. Dee I just don’t do Christmas like I used to. The kids don’t care anymore so I just do as little as possible but still make it festive.

  18. Adore your beautiful natural touches- my favorites at Christmas!! Happy to be partying with you!!

    1. Courtney thanks for stopping in I am enjoying our little group and how creative everyone is.

  19. Hi Dawn
    I’m getting a lot of comment from your this post on my bloglovin roll.
    I think it’s because of the check in the box below here, so I un-checked it!

  20. I’m with you on the laid back approach to decorating Dawn. It’s funny how when our children leave the nest we have a different outlook on things like this. It’s ironic I saw this post now because I just published a post called ‘nature inspired holiday decor’.

    Great minds…


    1. Doreen so nice to hear from you:) I am just not up to dragging everything out and then putting it all away. I am enjoying the simple look much better this year.

  21. This is perfect and perfectly you. I don’t have a single pine tree to cut but I bring in boxwood sometimes. I think in the spring I’m planting some juniper. Enjoy the weekend…it’s gloomy and cold but I need to get out and take some pics of my porch!

    1. Ann we should trade I will send you pine branches and you can send me boxwood. LOL

  22. Bonnie Keearns says:

    Simple Elegance!

    1. Thank you Bonnie, I am enjoying how easy it is to decorate.

  23. I am visiting my in laws and will not be home to decorate till the 17th, natural and easy May have to be the plan to go with, I love it!

    1. Brigitte, it is very easy. I did my whole place in a couple of hours. I say go for it and make it simple on yourself:) Why not?

  24. Dawn,
    Isn’t it amazing the impact you can get with just decorating with nature. It looks so beautiful. I love it all.

    1. Kris, it sure is less stressful. I just wasn’t in the mood this year for going all out.

  25. Simple and natural is the way to go! I always love to decorate by simply clipping greens and gathering twigs, pinecones, etc from outside! Love that deer pillow in the background too 🙂

    1. Kristen the deer pillow was a Silhouette project I did last year and found it again when I was getting Christmas things around.

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