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Natural Fall Foliage Arrangement

Natural Fall Foliage Arrangement, You don't have to purchase things to create a beautiful fall arrangement with just take a nature walk and gather what you needI want to share with you today how you can make a natural fall foliage arrangement, like this one, for FREE! I know we’re all tempted to buy those fabulous arrangements we see in the stores, but why do that when you can be the artist and create your own? Another advantage to doing it yourself is no storage….once it fades or you’re ready for a change into the compost bin it goes. 

Fall Foliage in a Rustic Garden CartWhat I did was grab my handy dandy $2 garage sale garden cart and start wandering our property, if you don’t have land to harvest from take a trail walk, walk the park, or even ask neighbors if you can scour their property for goodies, I cut anything that had fall colors and made sure to grab some greens for fill and things with contrasting colors. Once my wagon was full I headed back to the cabin to start arranging. 

Decorate for fall using natural elements. Take a nature walk and collect branches, leaves, berries, cattails, and wildflowers. All for free! It's a great way to use what mother nature providesI started with the things that drape, the red berries, and put them around the outside edge of the container (I’m suing a galvanized sap bucket) then added the yellow goldenrod next to the berries for contrast, and in the center I placed the purple grass and the cattails that grows near our pond. The fuller it is the better things stand up, so pack it in. Then I topped it off with water. 

Fall berriesThe great thing about this arrangement is as it dries out everything still looks natural and beautiful with more muted tones to the colors. I’m really working hard on not spending money to decorate, and trying to enjoy what I can create with nature. 

Natural Fall Foliage ArrangementI’m going for a simpler look for fall and not stressing out wether my place is stunning this season. There are so many bloggers out there that will give you that look, but for me I’m wanting it to feel natural and share that how awesome things can look by letting mother nature provide. 

Rustic Farmhouse Fall Decor Ideas

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  1. This looks amazing Dawn! I did a similar post a few days ago, but you have beautiful “finds.” laura

  2. Beautiful, I am about to go into the kitchen to get an apple. Thanks for the beautiful post

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